Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Friday, May 25, 2012

My favorite writers are back. Ahhhh.

My heart healed 75% today because 4 of my favorite writers are back.
Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Steve Basilone, and Annie Mebane are returning for Season 4.

Thank you, Lord.

Also, I sent an angry tweet to the @GuarascioPort account today. Some frightened fans think this account is real, and are threatening to boycott the show. I asked the owners of the account to label their profile "Parody Account." It's not even important if it's funny or not. My entire timeline was freaking out over losing fans to a misguided show boycott. The twitter study group has been through enough this week. It's not a lot to ask.

This should be obvious, but we've all had a truly horrible week. I can understand other people overreacting. (Ahem.) I was so ill last week, and I love Dan Harmon so much, and I was so invested with our Save the Show movement, that I became the Hulk, for God's sake. My heart was broken.

So we continue to cycle through the 5 stages of grief, my friends. I'm not saying that I will cease my lifelong boycott of Sony and NBC stuff, or that I'm not plotting some clever thing in protest. Oh no. BUT I'm starting to feel normal again. Also, I NEED a picture of Bobrow in leather pants. Sex GOD.

@OccamsBlazer on the AV Club board posted this bit of wonder, which is Radiohead songs rewritten as Community songs. He says @Automatic_Taglines and Evil Jeff helped. Enjoy.

OK Inspector lyrics on google docs

Also, this is me dancing right now:


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#SilentProtest and a joke. Also, SONY BALONEY.

Put on your evil goatees.
First though, who the HELL takes Nielsen ratings seriously? I thought the suits knew better. Dumbasses. 
I'm on a silent protest on twitter through Sunday, to protest the disgusting Dan Harmon ouster. I will not give Sony any more free PR or marketing. You wanna put your big boy pants on and kill my save the show movement? You're on your own, Sony. I'm personally boycotting all Sony and NBC merchandise. Not that they give a crap. The almighty syndication dollar is king here.
So, yeah, watch me go. Little insignificant ant. Little Fredo in a boat. And my showrunner, a Jedi that you can kill whenever you please. Fuck you, Sony.
Also, I reached out to two very kind, very credible sources. They tell me that my rage at Sony will not hurt the show. So let me be a raging Hulk and leave me alone. I should be angry. This is the darkest timeline, and all my beautiful plans are gone. Also, Dan won't be back. That's it, folks.
So the only thing to do is to tweet angry tweets and write angry letters at Sony. I'm not in the rah rah sis boom bah phase, and I may never get there, for many reasons. So again, if you see that I'm angry, maybe there are some behind the scenes reasons too. And maybe you should just let me say SONY BALONEY over and over again and leave me to it.
Sony jeopardized a shot at the back nine, all on their own. But the next 13 episodes are their baby. Luckily, I don't have to worry about the cast, or their salaries, or Nielsen ratings, or anything. Sony is in charge, folks. They hold ALL the cards. So the showill stay on the air as long as Sony wants it to, but AT LEAST our cast got another 13 episodes, guys. And we did that. I'm proud of that, and nothing can take that away from us. They have gainful employment for another 13 episodes, so there's at least a small amount of job security coming their way this year. I'm very happy about that. However, I won't commit to any other statement about the show, or my involvement. I have another life, and it's screaming for me. So Save the Show became Save Myself, and that's OK too.
NOTE: when I say boycott, I mean that I will be 100 years old, examining every movie, DVD, and electronics purchase to MAKE DAMNED SURE that the Sony and NBC names are nowhere NEAR it.
Good luck to you, corporate overlords. You obviously knowhat you're doing. More power to you.
There's nothing for me to do, so here's a list of alternate renderings of Gurascio and Port's names, courtesy the sick minds on the AV Club's summer comment board. The poster is @SomethingQuirky, but it's a collaborative effort. My personal contribution to the list: Grandmapanties and Pantaloons.
Enjoy it, y'all. You deserve a laugh today. Goddamnit. SONY BALONEY.


Miscellaneous Grammar and Penis Pun File... the case so far
Gracious and Photosynthesis
Genesis and the Prognolion
Klorgox and Pfpfpfpfpf
Nickel and Back
Arthur Brown and The Edge
Gargle and Pus
Night and Terror
Gamble and Proctor
Gum and Parallelogram
Horatio Sanz and Mos Def
Giggles and Pacemaker
Girth and Putrefaction
Gargamel and Periwinkle
Cash and Butch Cassidy
Granite and Prune
Galapagos and Pipsqueak
Groucho and Pyelonephritis
Guarini and Padfoot
Ginger and Parenthesis
Geisha and Proxenetism
Gumbercules and Pazuzu
Gelato and Patronymic
Geranium and Placenta
Gland and Plantain
Sapphire and Steel
Maraschino and Brandywine
Simon and Garfunkel
Gravel and Panzerotti
Garbanzo and Pickle
Geordi and Picard
Gasket and Pterodactyl
Geography and Pepperoni
Torque and Fellacio
Gingivitis and Plaid
Gabbroid and Peameal
Gossamer and Plasticine
Guacamole and Pizza
Gustavo and Poudre
Gamelan and Postmodernism
PB and J
Jimjam and Prog-rock
Gigawatt and Pickaxe
Garbanzo and Potpourri
Gangrene and Pus
Goiter and Polymer
Gout and Pestilence
Gonorrhea and Placenta
Gouache and Pastrami
Gazpacho and Palindrome
Gilligan and Palin
Gabardine and Parkour
Guerrilla and the Pope
Gulp and Pantaloons
Guernica and Picasso
Gargle and Porthole
Gastritis and Polenta
Gastronomy and Portmanteau
Gonorrhea and Syphilis
Gargamel and Porthole
Gargoyle and Pomeranian
Granite and Panacotta
Gimp and Papaya
Gap and Pristine
Geodude and Poliwhirl
Gyrate and Preconceived
Glimmer and Parrot
Gigli and Plan 9 From Outer Space
Garnish and Pittsburgh
Gristle and Plywood
Germany and Poland
Cheesegrater and Property Law
Gamsboni and Papslappy
Gobstopper and Pappadeaux
Groucho and Poncho
Garnet and Pugwash
Gondola and Pinnace
Grandmapanties and Pantaloons
White George Foreman and the Black Michael Chiklis
Gallblader and Pool
Jefferson Memorial and Platonic Affection
Pun and Glockenspiel
Guarana and Prosciutto
Gardenia and Postulate
Loggins and Messina
Gog and Magog
Gerbil and Pronto

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Here's the original tumblr post for Thursday's hashtag!

Please spread the word. All International fans are SUPER important for us this Thursday, 7pmEST-1am, so please set your alarms!