Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#CommunieConfessions Fan Unity Project by Community Nut

Hello Communies, if this past weekend and past week has taught us anything, it's that this fandom is the BEST! What's better than a Communie you may ask? More Communies of course! So I propose this, let's find everyone, let's all follow each other and unite this incredible fandom to new heights. This is not just my idea, most of the credit goes to @jellybabybandit and @AndreaKcc. Starting this Thursday @leanne_kristine will be put out something similar to her countdowns but this will be a bit different. It will be asking for people to tweet a confession. All we ask is that you say your name and that you are a Communie. Please include  #CommunieConfessions and of course #sixseasonsandamovie in your tweet. We will do this for five weeks, each week a different set of letters which if your first name starts with it it's time to confess. The rest is up to everyone else to RT these tweets so as many Communies see them and we can follow them and get followed back. The next day on Friday all those that did their mini CommunieConfession can (if they want to) do a testimonial similar to the ones read at CommuniCon. Let's get to know this diverse and incredible fandom. I leave you with this, Abed as Troy, his confession under the effects of sodium pentathol given to him by Annie in Season 3's Virtual Systems Analysis. 

I saw Abed's name in the hospital school files, I love butt stuff, I hate spiders, I stole a pen from the bank, I cried during About a Boy...the soundtrack, I don't wash my hands before a surgery, I can see why women find Clive Owen to the point where I might just as well be attracted to him, I use comparisons to Hitler to win arguments on the Internet at the drop of a hat, I know nothing about wine, I'm more turned on by women in pajamas than lingerie I just wanna know they feel comfortable, I I didn't get Inception, I didn't get Inception, HOOOAAA there's so many layers. 

Pop Pop,


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