Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Friday, May 25, 2012

My favorite writers are back. Ahhhh.

My heart healed 75% today because 4 of my favorite writers are back.
Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Steve Basilone, and Annie Mebane are returning for Season 4.

Thank you, Lord.

Also, I sent an angry tweet to the @GuarascioPort account today. Some frightened fans think this account is real, and are threatening to boycott the show. I asked the owners of the account to label their profile "Parody Account." It's not even important if it's funny or not. My entire timeline was freaking out over losing fans to a misguided show boycott. The twitter study group has been through enough this week. It's not a lot to ask.

This should be obvious, but we've all had a truly horrible week. I can understand other people overreacting. (Ahem.) I was so ill last week, and I love Dan Harmon so much, and I was so invested with our Save the Show movement, that I became the Hulk, for God's sake. My heart was broken.

So we continue to cycle through the 5 stages of grief, my friends. I'm not saying that I will cease my lifelong boycott of Sony and NBC stuff, or that I'm not plotting some clever thing in protest. Oh no. BUT I'm starting to feel normal again. Also, I NEED a picture of Bobrow in leather pants. Sex GOD.

@OccamsBlazer on the AV Club board posted this bit of wonder, which is Radiohead songs rewritten as Community songs. He says @Automatic_Taglines and Evil Jeff helped. Enjoy.

OK Inspector lyrics on google docs

Also, this is me dancing right now:


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Here's the original tumblr post for Thursday's hashtag!

Please spread the word. All International fans are SUPER important for us this Thursday, 7pmEST-1am, so please set your alarms!