Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Friday, March 30, 2012

Summary of Current Fan Work

Please consider buying weekly sub sandwiches from Subway, OK? #ILoveYouSubway


Pillow and Blanket Fort Contest/War:


All together now: #ILoveYouSubway!


Subway is hot young dude now.

PLEASE consider buying a weekly Subway sandwich with us, as part of #Communitown (i.e., with Cougar Town). Also, tweet @subwayfreshbuzz, interact on, and write some letters.

Subway sandwich online comment form:

Subway on Wikipedia. WOW they're huge:

Snail mail and phone (maybe don't call them):
Subway Real Estate Corporation 
325 Bic Dr, Milford, CT 06461
(203) 877-4281 

So please send a nice letter to:

  • Mr. Fred DeLuca
  • President 
  • SUBWAY Corporation
  • 325 Bic Drive 
  • Milford, CT 06460 


OH SHIZZ Y'ALL. Check out the Subway Facebook page and say hello! NBC Community is listed on 3/29/12. OMG!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

NBC Community ad sponsor tweet lists!

I'll keep this permalink running on the Pinterest Street Team Board (you don't have to sign in to use this; click the icon twice):

Here's the link to the NBC Community Street Team:

Please join @Lightening__Bug@Greendale_PR and @Greendale_PR_UK in a campaign to thank the ad sponsors. Here's @Lightening__Bug's #GreendaleGivesBack ad sponsor charity campaign:

Please tweet our ad sponsors with the #UncountedCommunity hashtag, make little vine videos about them, check in on TV Tag (formerly GetGlue) during the show's airing, say hi on Facebook, and buy something if it makes sense for you (But: you can make a Vine video at a car dealership, about to take a test drive, for example). Let them know that an ad buy on our fine show gets them a LOT of buzz!

Lots of repeats, holy crap! Thank you to all the ad sponsors; huzzah!


Current Ad Sponsors:

3/6/14 508 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Houston - use tabs at bottom for 3/6 (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 3/6 (@UhOhMorshediOs):

2/27/14 507 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

1/30/14 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Houston - use tabs at bottom for 1/30 (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 1/30/14 (@UhOhMorshediOs):

1/23/14 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Houston - use tabs at the bottom for 1/23/14 (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 1/23/14 (@UhohMorsheDios):

1/9/14 Ad Sponsors
East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Detroit (@MaggieTrundles):

Houston - Use tabs at the bottom for different dates (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 1/9 (@UhOhMorsHEDios):

1/2/14 Ad Sponsors
East Coast (@Lightening__Bug): 

Detroit (@MaggieTrundles):
501 1st ad break Neutrogena
501 2nd ad break
501 3rd ad break Freedom Aveeno

Houston (@JenniferWorthen):

San Francisco (@UhOhMorsheDiOs):


3/14/13 Ad Sponsors
East Coast:
@VerizonWireless @Motorola Droid Razr Maxx (2 ads!), @FocusFeatures #Admission movie, @CutiesCitrus, @TheHobbitMovie, @Ford @FordFocus@Subaru_USA iphone (2 ads tonight), @MillerCoors Redd's Apple Ale, , #BurtWonderstone , Cruze
Central Time:
Add @Wendys and @Dodge truck month! (Thanks @GwenTrundlebed and @BrittLikesTV!)
West Coast (thank you @UhohMorsheDios!):

3/7/13 Ad Sponsors
Say hi on Facebook too: Shall we do another group twitter yogurt buy? What do you guys think? Yoplait is AMAZING.
EDIT: @JohnFriedaUS exists; I just couldn't find it last night! So use that, sorry!
Eastern Time:
Central Time (thank you @GwenTrundlebed and @JenniferWorthen!):

2/28/13 Ad Sponsors
Eastern Time: Another @Yoplait ad! Also, 2 @Tmobile ads in the 2nd act!
Western Time (Thank you @UhOhMorshedios!) Scroll down to see this week:

2/21/13 Ad Sponsors
Eastern Time (South Jersey)! Another @Yoplait ad; 2nd one this season. I bought some Yoplait!

2/14/13 Ad Sponsors
Eastern Time! Another @Ford double shot:
Central Time! Thank you @JenniferWorthen!

2/7/13 Ad Sponsors
Central Time! THANK YOU @JenniferWorthen!
LOTS OF REPEATS, including @YOPLAIT and a double shot of @FORD!
West Coast! Thank you @UhOhMorshEdios!

5/10/12 Ad Sponsors
East Coast! Batman = @Gwentrundlebed and @Greendale_Love!

West Coast! Batman = @SuperSarah33!
Add , and

West Coast (San Fran)! Batman = @uhohmorshedios!

5/3/12 Ad Sponsors
East Coast! Thank you @Gwentrundlebed and @Greendale_Love!

4/26/12 Ad Sponsors 
New Jersey @violincatherine and Detroit (say thanks to hubby!) @GwenTrundlebed
San Francisco @uhohmorshedios
Portland @SuperSarah33

4/19/12 Ad Sponsors (Yadda Yadda @Subway, yadda yadda @YoplaitYogurt)
New Jersey  @violincatherine and Detroit @gwentrundlebed
San Francisco @uhohmorshedios
Portland @SuperSarah33

4/12/12 Ad sponsors (NOTE: @Subway and @YoplaitYogurt had ads this week. If you can buy/tweet their products, they are VERY friendly to us. This is GREAT NEWS!):
New Jersey and Detroit @violincatherine and @gwentrundlebed
Portland @SuperSarah33
San Francisco @uhohmorshedios
@GreendaleYear4 Milwaukee

4/5/12 Ad sponsors:
East Coast @Greendale_Love
West Coast @supersarah33

3/29/12 Ad sponsors:

@violincatherine and @RobZuber (thank you, Rob!)

@SuperSarah33 got the West Coast!

3/22/12 Ad sponsors:

@violincatherine (I don't know why Fiat, Lowes, and L'oreal fell off my twitter feed. That's why this redundancy is so cool!)

@SuperSarah33 West Coast

3/15/12 Ad sponsors:
Here are 3/15/12 NBC Community Ad Sponsors.  We were impressed by the local ones! Also, THANK YOU to @Greendale_Love and @SuperSarah33. #CoolCoolCool
and follow-up additions and West Coast!
3/16/12 Next day Hulu ads:

Street Team!

Here's my Pinterest Street Team board:
@SmoochyDaisy52, @Greendale_Love and @MsDaisySteiner (Pinterest board: helped with all these ideas today.

@SmoochyDaisy52 says she is the Britta in the Street Team, and I am Jeff. Feel free to call yourself any other name at Greendale. Multiples are OK; no fighting, children!

The original impulse for a Street Team comes from Sherlock fans. They post chalk graffiti and flyers everywhere, then put an image of the post on a google map. (See #4 and #5 below, or just click on the top Pinterest link.)

Rock band street teams: distribute flyers/stickers, sell merch at shows, send emails out, call TV/radio stations.

Street marketing in Europe sometimes involves people in strange costumes, engaging passersby in social media buy-in to win contests. Now a bald cap and a gaga dress beckon me.

  1. Any fan can join the Street Team. You don't have to do anything, OK? You can just say you're in it. It's Greendale!
  2. If you want to throw some silly ideas, we need idea people. If you want to RT, we need retweeters. If you want to do more, then do more.
  3. I guess I need to make some funny flyers for us, then. 
  4. Vandal that I am, I bought some Easter-egg chalk at the dollar store tonight. (There were 2 other ladies in the dollar store, buying neon silly string to vandalize a friend's car. Rapscallions!) I'm planning on tagging various buildings with chalk graffiti, taking pictures, and posting it on the Interactive Street Team map.
  5. And here's the map, which is also on the Pinterest board: 
  6. I saw some cool street team and street marketing ideas on the Internet earlier today. 
  7. @MsDaisySteiner on chalk graffiti tag and name of Street Team:  "My suggestions Graffiti- "NBC's Community is streets ahead". Team name - Streets Ahead team." Also,  "Greendale is where YOU belong" or "Greendale wants YOU" and maybe a hashtag so people can find more info."
  8. I liked #MyHeartBelongsToGreendale, but Daisy's idea is better.
  9. @SmoochyDaisy52 wants a puppy parade. YES. Maybe team up with local ASPCA/animal shelters?
  10. @Balen13 conjured the actual Greendale amusement park. WIth a big paintball course. I see a permanent blanket fort in the adjoining hotel. Plus a campus, classes, lectures, assignments.
  11. @SmoochyDaisy52 said we should have stickers. @TeamAsunder made some great round icons for Abed4President, so I'm going to find some sticky paper and print some out.
  12. I think we should all write thank you notes to Uncle Bob Greenblatt, CEO of NBC, for putting the show back on the air. Thank you, Uncle Bob!
  13. It would be funny to call all our local TV and radio stations and talk to them about NBC Community
  14. I like the idea of sending a ton of emails/tweets to parallel fandoms. 
  15. Going back to the straight rock band idea, we could rally around the merch and @nbcstore for something, too.
  16. Well hey, I'm treating the show like a struggling rock band. Why not?
  17. Let me know if you have any other ideas. The sillier, the better!
Streets Ahead Street Team "Jeff"

NBC Community Fan Universe, a Post Just So Pinterest Will Likey

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cougar Town + Community Viewing Party!

URGENT, please post in craigslist today: scroll down 4 short paragraphs to bold header. Follow step by step directions. A tweet to me at @violincatherine with the city you covered keeps me from double posting in that city, OK? All #Communitown hands on deck, please! UPDATE: Here's the NYC craigslist post, so you can see this baby live! (Posts are now in Baton Rouge, San Diego, Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Austin, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, and Ann Arbor: Thank you, Pirate @balen13, Batman @nwahs086 and sweet Aggie @jenniferworthen!

Here are 3/15/12 NBC Community Ad Sponsors.  We were impressed by the local ones! Also, THANK YOU to @Greendale_Love and @SuperSarah33. #CoolCoolCool
and follow-up additions and West Coast!
3/16/12 Next day Hulu ads:
Tweet to them, say hi on Facebook, and buy something if it's a fit for you. Let them know that an ad buy on our fine show gets them a LOT of buzz!

Please donate wine corks and buy some Subway sandwiches with #Communitown. I'm also going to GMA for the Cougar Town rally on 4/6!

Here's a spreadsheet to keep and help me fill out. I just filled tonight's craigslist fan work in the map that's at the upper left. Please feel free to add online work and real-world flyers to the map. We need blue pins across the midwest and south, OK?

OK, here we go. Communitown fans, unite! 
1) Go here and find a city that strikes your fancy, but a focus on the South and Midwest will help our Nielsen push:
2) We are most interested in targeting Nielsen families by US Census areas. Scroll through the list down the page, and try to fill in all top areas by population if you can: Yes, I am a nerd. Click on the map, note how it overlays craigslist cities. NIELSEN!
3) Click on "events" under "community"
4) Click on "post" at upper right corner
5) Click "events," a city if specified, a location if specified
6) fill in 2012/4/18 to 2012/5/2 for dates (or use today's date to 2 weeks from now, alright?), 
7) use this blogpost title for the title: Cougar Town + Community Viewing Party!
8) Give a specific location
9) put your main email in the reply line. I suggest making it anonymous
10) Cut and paste from below this numbered list to the very end into the body of the post.
10) click continue a couple of times, then publish
11) IMPORTANT: go to your email and click the link, then click that you accept craigslist terms, to make it live. 
12) If you get any crap from craigslist, change a few words around. If you get REALLY stuck, tweet me at @violincatherine.

Dear New and Old Fans,<br><br>
For time-strapped people, here's a summary! Two funny shows on TV this week:<br>
<li><i>Cougar Town</i> is on ABC this Tuesday at 8:30pm!</li>
<li><i>Community</i> is on NBC this Thursday at 8pm!</li>
<br>We promise our shows will cheer you up, OK? Yay! For those who aren't working 17 hour days or something, here's the rest of the story:
<br>Fans of NBC's <i>Community</i> and ABC's <i>Cougartown</i> formed a Super Group (yes, like the Traveling Wilburys) called <b>Communitown</b>. Both of our shows are critically-acclaimed, side-splittingly funny half hour TV sitcoms. Both of our shows need more viewers.
<br><br>Our question, fan to fan: it's important that quality shows stay on the air, right? Aren't you tired of the same old thing? <i>Community</i>, a show about a lovable gang of misfits at a community college, actually breaks new ground with every show. <i>Cougar Town</i> is NOT about Cougars; it's about some good-looking people having fun and hanging out in Florida (just like ALL our friends from New Jersey during the winter)! Come join our fan nationwide viewing party. We'd like to celebrate good TV with you this week!
Hold onto your hats, folks. Here's the NBC <i>Community</i> Season 3 trailer:  <a href="">THAT'S a proper trailer! From NBC; wow!</a>
<br><br>And here's the ABC <i>Cougar Town</i> Season 3 Highlight reel:  <a href="">Link from the fabulous TV critic, Alan Sepinwall</a>
<br><br><i>Cougar Town</i> fans are as passionate as <i>Community</i> fans. For those who already love the show: they're raising money to buy wine corks to send to ABC, buying Subway sandwiches with the <i>Community</i> fans on Mondays, and planning a group action at the end of March. Follow them at <a href=""></a>. If you'd like to get involved, the easiest #Communitown organizers to find are Cougar Town Rally and Evil Troy and Abed on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you and enjoy the funny!
Communitown Fans (#CougarTown and the #Greendale7)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Communitown (joint Community and Cougar Town Subway sandwich fan action); Spreadsheet

Dear Fans,

3/30/12 update: Current Subway hashtags on twitter: #ILoveYouSubway and #EatFresh. @brittanymackk mentioned #sixinchesandamovie today. Ha ha!

It's always nice to thank people for airing your show on TV. Please send some nice hand-written letters to NBC Executives. We have a lot to celebrate. Tell them about the Subway campaign, and that we're here for them. Addresses:

Also, PLEASE send a nice letter to:

  • 325 BIC DRIVE 
  • MILFORD, CT 06460

UPDATE: Cougar Town fans are gathering money for a massive wine cork purchase to send to ABC. Also, I'm personally going to their (early morning, like 6:15am, ouch) gathering at ABC's Good Morning America broadcast in Times Square on Friday, 4/6. Anyone want to join? I just bought a Penny Can t-shirt and Cougar Town baseball cap.

URGENT, Summary of fan action:
1) Buy a Subway sandwich on Mondays
2) Fill out an in-store comment card that says "#savecommunity and #savecougartown! #Communitown thanks you for your ad sponsor and product placement support of BOTH shows!"
4) Tweet the living daylights out of @SubwayFreshBuzz with #Communitown hastag.
5) Follow Cougar Town fan leaders @CougarTownRally, @loulzb, @JeffRaissle, and @CougarTownFTW.
6) Facebook event post:
7) From @MsDaisySteiner: Deanway! SubDean?
8) Paste this Penny Can label on a paint/coffee can; bring it with you to Subway!
9) Goatee pattern; cut one out of felt or construction paper, wear to Subway!

Please vote in TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorite poll (2 categories, Comedy and Ensemble. We're NBC shippers too, so Debra Messing in the Comeback category is nice):

tl;dr, scroll down to the final paragraph of this post for the overall summary in bold text. Subway fan action reasoning: Thank you!

The one good thing about the hive mind is flexibility of ideas. Bees butt each other in the heads to get a better idea across. The bee who brought me the #Communitown idea appears to be shy, but she is Batman.

Also, the Community Paley Fest gave me hope that a 4th season is possible. We need to stay loud. I'm not shelving the World Record blanket fort and International Paintball Month, but I'm going to chat with Chuck fan organizers and @lightening__bug for event planning ideas. If we have a party in LA, we can invite the cast. Also, Comic Con is in June. We can do paintball when it's warm outside.

OK, there's a Subway sandwich display in the Greendale cafeteria, right? (Season 3 Jim Rash Has An Oscar promo). And Subway was featured in Abed's scene on Cougar Town, and is a current Cougar Town ad sponsor?

If we form one gigantic Community plus Cougar Town super group, and all start buying sub sandwiches on Mondays, we may be able to save BOTH shows. I'm willing to eat Subway sandwiches for 2-3 years if it gains us 2-3 more years. Let's feel it out; try it for one month and see what the response is like. I predict the media attention on this is going to be HUGE. I want Cougar Town to succeed; they weren't prepared for this timeline and need our help. Please follow her fan leaders, @CougarTownRally and @Loulzb. Use the hashtag #Communitown on Mondays, fill out comment cards in the store that say #SaveCougarTown and #SaveCommunity, and fill out this online form:

1) Chuck already set up this habit, so it will be easy for us to use the same trail.
2) As opposed to courting a random ad sponsor, Subway is using product placement in BOTH shows.
3) Have you ever seen a combined fan action before? People are usually so terrified that they get tunnel vision and can't band together. I predict that this is going to be BIG news. Both shows desperately need a WSJ/NYTimes/CNN news story to draw wealthy Nielsen viewers. Cougar Town is listed as an underdog in the news, so the story will shift to the fighting underdog. The Scrubs staff is on both shows, and Abed appears on Cougar Town in a cameo. Bill Lawrence worked very hard on the marketing, so there is an existing story there as well. I think we have an 85% chance of landing in the business sections of big media.
4) ABED WOULD WANT THIS. Also, @CougarTownRally and @loulzb are super nice. That is all.
5) I'm calling for this fan action one day from today. If you buy a sandwich THIS WEEK, that's fine. Cougar Town need immediate assistance. Can you imagine being in their shoes, off for all those months, and then having this kind of trouble after one month?
6) Anybody want to help me tweet out the Cougar Town ad sponsors for Tuesday at 8:30pm? I've got the East Coast covered. I could use help with the midwest and west coast. Also, I'll do next day Hulu ads. I want to see what they have, and if there's any other overlap with NBC Community (scroll back to posts from late November and early December for the old lists).

So that's the update there. The $74K TV Guide Magazine fan ad is still a good idea. When I find a graphic design intern, I'll let them loose on it.

FUN IDEA. If you are a #Community fan going to #SXSW for either the Film or the Music festivals, please let me know, OK? I'm planning on sending a T-shirt order down for 10 Napoleon Dynamite style shirts (aka Vote for Pedro, but with show details on it), and post it on Craigslist in Austin. I can also send flyers and stickers to a Staples store in Austin. Any ideas or revisions? Is NBC going to be there (I'm assuming yes)? Cougar Town, my lovely sister show, I'm not Miss Moneybags or I'd naturally do the same for you. We can run parallel actions if you want. You have my email address. Anything you need, just ask, OK?

Also, to get some serious water cooler buzz going, let's post some funny Craigslist stunts. Include both shows and our Subway initiative (NBC Community, Thurs 3/15, 8pm. ABC Cougar Town, Tues 8:30pm. We're all buying Subway sandwiches on Mondays to save both shows, so Eat Fresh with us and watch our funny shows too!). It's FREE, you can make it say whatever you want, it's in most cities and regions of the US (hello Nielsen), and everybody reads craigslist. If they don't, they have friends who do, and they'll hear about us soon. And yes, @MetropoLois, go CRAZY with Annie's Boobs if you want.

EXPERIMENT: I asked twitter if anyone was on Pinterest. The demographics of that site are CRAZY, like 85% ladies, age 25-54, am I right? @MsDaisySteiner has a board there, #GreendaleIsWhereIBelong: I'm afraid of Google+ too, but I'm going to do my best to post about our #Communitown efforts on both sites. As usual, I'm an awkward nerd anyway, so please forgive my N00b ways! Whee!

OK, last thing. Please pass this link around, and feel free to add to it:
The upper two left squares are URGENT matters.
1) Map link:  NEW IDEA: Post your local Subway store on this map; Cougar Town, you are officially part of this map now, too. Cougar Town flyer: Quick reasoning: we have dropped in dratted Nielsen viewership over 2 years, which is why NBC Community is in a precarious position. If you could please post some flyers/graffiti chalk art/posters in your neighborhood, take a picture of where/what you posted (optional), and drag a blue pin onto your city (type your city in the top, a pin comes up, then drag the blue pin to it; use the rich text button to post a weblink), we could get some inroad on the Nielsen problem.

If Nielsen is truly a representative sample of the US, then maybe 45% have no computer. Flyers and street art are necessary to reach them. Also, my estimate is that 30-40% are religious, so go easy on Jim Rash in tights on the flyers, but go heavy on his Oscar win, particularly in the South and Midwest. Please mention Thurs, 3/15, 8pm, watch NBC Community. This lovely idea comes from @Mayh___, who found  Sherlock fans' street art. When the Harvard administration leaves Sherlock chalk graffiti from students on its brick walls and it's news, you know it's a good idea.

2) Please write some letters, as outlined in @supersarah33's lovely post ( If you buy one Subway sandwich this week, place one flyer with a corresponding blue pin on the map (OR link to your local Subway store), write a funny craigslist post, and write one letter to Bob Greenblatt, you are officially Batman to me.


(P.S. - The lovely genius who came up with the Subway idea is shy, but she is Batman. I have a deep gut feeling of joy about this idea. I really think it's going to take off. I'm not abandoning our other ideas, but we HAVE to save Cougar Town. Think of Abed! -CB)
(P.P.S. - Cougar Town, we are officially one team and one hive now. Don't feel shy or like you'll offend me if you use my ideas. You may need to act quickly on something right now, so do what you need to do, and we've got your back. As soon as you have a Facebook post, please let me know and I'll include it here. There are a million Cougar Town fans listed on Facebook. I'm cool posting in all the comments of all the posts on the main page. Let's go, OK? We've got this. We're officially in Mayday mode to defend and protect you. I'm here for you. xoxo -CB)