Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Other Space #BlastOff Livetweet at 4pm 4/14 with Special Guests!

Hello, Beautiful People!

There's a #BlastOff live tweet for Other Space today, Tuesday April 14th, at 4pm Eastern time.

1) Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids)
2) Astronaut Mike Massimino (repaired the Hubble telescope as part of the Atlantis Space Shuttle crew:

From the @OtherSpace twitter, which you should follow because they're totally cool.

My full review of Other Space is coming up. Brief rundown of what I love:

1) Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (everybody I know calls it #MST3K, okay?) are cast members!
2) I already loved Paul Feig's work from Freaks and Geeks. He went after a "The Office in space" vibe and it absolutely landed. I think he caught a perfect awkward, nerdy, sweet energy from the Other Space cast.
3) I mean, the cast is adorable. Karan Soni just KILLS IT as captain Stewart Lipinski. I'll go into more detail on the full review.

More to follow. Enjoy the live tweet! Ooh, did I mention this yet? I'm so sorry: 

All eight Other Space episodes are available now FOR FREE on Yahoo Screen!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Community Rewatch from New New FluffyTown!

Hello, Greendale!

The very lovely Anie Johnson, aka @OnenonlyAnie, is hosting a Twitter Community rewatch of S06E03 from New New FluffyTown on Tuesday, March 24, at 7pmPT/10pmET. Suggested hashtag: #Community100

Please join us for silliness and fun times!

Here's the Yahoo Screen link to S06E03 (How much do we love Yahoo right now, omg):

Here's the Facebook post, if you'd like to join formally:

And here's a date and time announcer, if you'd like to calculate the start time from anywhere in the world:

Pick your city to the right to get the start time


A Fellow Human Being

New New FluffyTown!

Your host, @onenonlyanie

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yahoo Community fans take over a Honda dealership in Austin: SXSWPre-Party

Hello, Greendale!

If you're short on time, please grab this tweet and go:

And if you're a newspaper person or TV critic and if you'd like to help spread the word about this viral event for Yahoo Community, here's the press release link:

Attention passionate fans of Community! As the show prepares for its Yahoo Screen debut, let's celebrate this milestone with a dance party!

The party starts at 9am at Howdy Honda on Saturday, March 14th. Join us as we make a marquee video of the event dancing to the Community theme song, “At Least It Was Here” and stick around to dance inside the Howdy Honda Dealership to songs connected with the show. What's more Greendale than that!

Honda is an ad sponsor for season six of Community on Yahoo. We will share the video with Honda’s national social media accounts as a thank you from the fans.

Don't forget! The Community creator and cast will have a panel at SXSW Interactive the following day, Sunday March 15th, 11am. The show will air on Yahoo Screen online starting Tuesday, March 17th.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
A Fellow Human Being

(P.S. - f you can't make it to Austin, saying #ThankYouHonda on twitter and requesting songs on the Facebook event post are fun ways for us all to talk to each other.)

(P.P.S - Many thanks to a @HYimp for help with this blog post, and the team of @lightening__bug @applextree @cdulaney85 @Frak_Out @hazelnuthurs @art_ticulate and @OKSteev on the press release.)

Credit: Striffle on DeviantArt for the Human Being image

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Dear Greendale,

If you're on Mars or something, Community returns to Yahoo Screen on March 17th. Mark your calendars; tell all your friends! I know you already have, I'm just saying it for the heck of it.

There was a beautiful promo video that went out yesterday, getting new viewers up to speed on Season 1. If I'm a betting person, I'd say that we have seasons 2 through 5 coming up. Fun!

Here's the link; it's new-viewer friendly so we can add to the fandom (*cough* cult *cough*):

(Here's a tweet, if that helps y'all:

OK, some sharp-eyed people on Reddit (r/community) noticed an Easter egg of hashtag #CatsLoveMe. Guys, Yahoo really loves us. Isn't it amazing to have proper promotion for our show for a change? Here are some additional #CatsLoveMe shenanigans, on the @CommunityTV twitter:

Also, what the heck is this?

and Team Community

Reddit credit:
Image credit:
NADA IN ORIGINAL                                                                                         

Monday, December 15, 2014

Full #SaveSelfie Campaign This Week

Hello, My Precious Blueberries!

Because @Comedy4Cast is benevolent and wise, we are now putting some muscle behind the #SaveSelfie campaign. Here's his beautiful post:

1) We were in the same boat a couple of times, so it makes sense to help this beautiful fandom out. So many religions have urged altruism over the years, that I don't think I need to oversell this one. :D

2) I've been chatting with @bubblewink on twitter. You won't find a nicer person anywhere. Other Selfie fans: @KJslifeisent, @erikalawson90. 
Hey, I'm focusing on campaign details right now, but feel free to jump on this spreadsheet and add your name:
Selfie Fan Name Spreadsheet

3) Seriously, I watched all of the episodes over the past couple of days, and I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. John Cho and Karen Gillan are pretty closely allied with several of our fandoms. 

Here's this week's campaign overview, from @bubblewink and friends. We've got tweet blasts, email blasts, and one call-a-thon. I've been using Hootsuite lately to schedule tweets, so you could get them ready whenever your schedule suits you. Please post these images EVERYWHERE, to EVERYONE, and tell them it's EVERYTHING:

And here are five daily images:
December 16th, email blast:

December 17th email AND tweet blast:

December 18th, email blast:

 December 19th, email blast and Call-a-Thon:

 December 21st, tweet blast to @warnerbrostv:

My only real advice right now: try to relax and enjoy making new friends. No matter what happens to this beautiful show, AT LEAST WE WERE HERE.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Dear Human Beings,

WE DID IT! Community was picked up for a sixth season by Yahoo Screen! I know it's old news, but DANG my summer is busy.

Check it out; here's our new home!

If you don't have it already, please download Yahoo Screen on your phone or tablet. It's available as an app on iPhone, iPad, and on Droid (Google Play Store).



Monday, May 12, 2014

Please tweet #KeepCommunityAlive on Thursday!

Dear Human Beings,


While we work out what is fact and what is rumor, Team Community has been mobilizing in the background to try to provide whatever comfort and support we can.

We're tweeting #KeepCommunityAlive this Thursday night, 8pm/7c.

We had some ideas about what to include during the evening's twitter marathon:

  • @Lightening__Bug, who is a devoted Veronica Mars fan, loved their idea of buying DVDs and donating them to libraries. But any place that provided a loving service would be good: shelters, hospitals, you name it.
  • She also suggested we could buy @Subway sandwiches and/or thank the other ad sponsors. If you scroll into this post, please click on West Coast or Houston ad sponsor lists, and you'll get ALL the sponsors for the season. Amazing work from the ad sponsor team, right?
  • From @Supersarah33 and @Comedy4Cast: We could clean out the NBC Store, ONLY if any of you are in the mood to do so. (Except for THAT shirt, lol.)
  • It's not all gloom and doom, okay? @Comedy4Cast would like to remind everybody that there is a lovely CommuniCon (our THIRD fan convention, courtesy of the lovely, unstoppable juggleknob @UhOhMorsheDios) planned for October 25-26 in Glendale, CA:

We'd like to celebrate what is good about the fandom and the show. We have so many blessings. We have each other. We'd love to use the hashtag to celebrate each other.

Please, if you can, realize that NBC is in the past now. We have to move forward, and nothing can be accomplished by bashing them or wanting to go back to them, okay? I know it's hard. I think most of us are still in denial.

There is more to come. We're waiting for official news before we mobilize further, okay? We are 100% invested in doing whatever is humanly possible to help.

We will always be a Community.

With love and gratitude,
Team Community

Thanks to @Our_Greendale for our lovely event icon!