Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Monday, December 15, 2014

Full #SaveSelfie Campaign This Week

Hello, My Precious Blueberries!

Because @Comedy4Cast is benevolent and wise, we are now putting some muscle behind the #SaveSelfie campaign. Here's his beautiful post:

1) We were in the same boat a couple of times, so it makes sense to help this beautiful fandom out. So many religions have urged altruism over the years, that I don't think I need to oversell this one. :D

2) I've been chatting with @bubblewink on twitter. You won't find a nicer person anywhere. Other Selfie fans: @KJslifeisent, @erikalawson90. 
Hey, I'm focusing on campaign details right now, but feel free to jump on this spreadsheet and add your name:
Selfie Fan Name Spreadsheet

3) Seriously, I watched all of the episodes over the past couple of days, and I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. John Cho and Karen Gillan are pretty closely allied with several of our fandoms. 

Here's this week's campaign overview, from @bubblewink and friends. We've got tweet blasts, email blasts, and one call-a-thon. I've been using Hootsuite lately to schedule tweets, so you could get them ready whenever your schedule suits you. Please post these images EVERYWHERE, to EVERYONE, and tell them it's EVERYTHING:

And here are five daily images:
December 16th, email blast:

December 17th email AND tweet blast:

December 18th, email blast:

 December 19th, email blast and Call-a-Thon:

 December 21st, tweet blast to @warnerbrostv:

My only real advice right now: try to relax and enjoy making new friends. No matter what happens to this beautiful show, AT LEAST WE WERE HERE.