Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Community Rewatch from New New FluffyTown!

Hello, Greendale!

The very lovely Anie Johnson, aka @OnenonlyAnie, is hosting a Twitter Community rewatch of S06E03 from New New FluffyTown on Tuesday, March 24, at 7pmPT/10pmET. Suggested hashtag: #Community100

Please join us for silliness and fun times!

Here's the Yahoo Screen link to S06E03 (How much do we love Yahoo right now, omg):

Here's the Facebook post, if you'd like to join formally:

And here's a date and time announcer, if you'd like to calculate the start time from anywhere in the world:

Pick your city to the right to get the start time


A Fellow Human Being

New New FluffyTown!

Your host, @onenonlyanie

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yahoo Community fans take over a Honda dealership in Austin: SXSWPre-Party

Hello, Greendale!

If you're short on time, please grab this tweet and go:

And if you're a newspaper person or TV critic and if you'd like to help spread the word about this viral event for Yahoo Community, here's the press release link:

Attention passionate fans of Community! As the show prepares for its Yahoo Screen debut, let's celebrate this milestone with a dance party!

The party starts at 9am at Howdy Honda on Saturday, March 14th. Join us as we make a marquee video of the event dancing to the Community theme song, “At Least It Was Here” and stick around to dance inside the Howdy Honda Dealership to songs connected with the show. What's more Greendale than that!

Honda is an ad sponsor for season six of Community on Yahoo. We will share the video with Honda’s national social media accounts as a thank you from the fans.

Don't forget! The Community creator and cast will have a panel at SXSW Interactive the following day, Sunday March 15th, 11am. The show will air on Yahoo Screen online starting Tuesday, March 17th.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
A Fellow Human Being

(P.S. - f you can't make it to Austin, saying #ThankYouHonda on twitter and requesting songs on the Facebook event post are fun ways for us all to talk to each other.)

(P.P.S - Many thanks to a @HYimp for help with this blog post, and the team of @lightening__bug @applextree @cdulaney85 @Frak_Out @hazelnuthurs @art_ticulate and @OKSteev on the press release.)

Credit: Striffle on DeviantArt for the Human Being image