Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Friday, November 30, 2012

CommuniCon Date: February 9-10, 2013

Hello Communies!

Listen, we were all losing our minds on twitter today, screaming from sheer joy in all caps for an hour when our dear @CommuniConNews announced the dates for CommuniCon. PLEASE follow this account on twitter. It's completely gonzo amazeballs and we're so happy.

Here's the FAQ, straight from @CommuniConNews

A very lovely teaser poster:

Listen, it doesn't matter if we do or don't get a Season 5 anymore. I mean, okay, it's stupid and horrible that this beautiful show gives us an attack of abdominal cramps and tears every six months from all the STRESS for no reason, WHATEVER.

But the fans, cast, crew, and writers have more than enough love to go around.

Here are the details from the AV Club via NBC Street Team on Pinterest, and YES I will update the UnstoppableCommunity website soon:



How I feel right now:

"How long does peyote last? I'm asking for a friend."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog post so Bobrow can see my 411

My Darlings,

So it's Thursday already, God help us all. I can't get on my island (I live in Ventnor CIty NJ, RIGHT where the stupid thing hit), because the sewer system is on overload already and extra people will make the sewage flow into the street. My Pathmark in Ventnor Heights, 10 minutes around the corner, got 8 feet of water. I'm literally losing my mind; my best friend has a house in Ventnor Heights and she can't get any information on whether it's OK or not. 

I spent the week with friends far inland. Aside from one 45 minute power outage, we had warm food, hot showers, live music, NewsRadio DVDs, laundry, phones and computers. We got out just in time. My Granddaddy keeps telling me to be thankful that we're all safe and healthy. My cat is happy. As you read the rest of what I have to say today, keep in mind that my relatives are saying that to me over and over. Haaa! Also, please feel free to forward this to other Community fans.

We're trying to go back today, but (gentlemen, please cover your eyes) my monthly hell business just started up and I'll be damned if I drive two hours in pain. So while the Advil kicks in, I'm gonna write to you guys and pour my heart out.

There's a big benefit concert on NBC this Friday, 8-9pm, with money going to the Red Cross to help New Jersey residents affected by Sandy. Bruce, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, et al are going to be on air.

If I didn't have a wedding Friday night, maybe I'd see if I could play violin on the show. I played with Willie Nelson and kd Lang, so it's not like if what I'm saying is completely out of the realm of possibility. I was going to try to see if they could use some of my husband's prints for fundraising, also. He did a poppy print for St. Jude one year, and it did really well. My husband's website:, mine My anxiety level is so bad, I just can't put it all together.

Truth is, I've been unable to go to sleep every night. I'm worried sick about my husband's artwork in our garage and in his store on Ocean City (which we just found out got 2 feet of water). We're not allowed to go and check on anything yet, we're not allowed to go back on these islands for whatever reason (looting, potential poops in the street, we're tenants in the store and the owners are letting insurance adjusters in first instead of us). It takes mold only 12 hours to take root. On top of the raw sewage and toxic chemicals, oh God I'm crying again. We may have lost 200K of artwork. I pray that it's less. Not knowing is making us crazy.

I'm worried sick about mold growing on my husband's artwork. I cry when I think of the food spoiling in our fridge. It's not like we're super wealthy people here. I feel guilty for staying on this island all this time so I could keep working in my rock band (I quit the band recently and am now planning on moving us inland).

We're supposed to stay with a friend tonight, who lives about 20 minutes away from our place. There's a tree across his driveway, so thank God my instinct was to take shelter far inland. I have a wedding Friday and Saturday night, so it will be good to be closer by my jobs with power, water, heat, computer.

I know I'm rambling; forgive me.

If there's some way you guys could organize a hashtag for Friday that directs people to the NBC fundraiser and the Red Cross website for donations, especially the New Jersey sector, I would be very grateful. Snow, Jon, Jennifer and Splais on the emails (Ashleigh, Jon, Jennifer, and Shawn) are all beautiful Redditors. I've found that the hashtags travel well on reddit, and maybe then tell everyone to spread it as many forms of social media as they can, OK? Some people call me "Captain" even though I don't see myself like that. But tell the others: the "Captain" is down right now. All hands on deck. I am actually in a very bad situation and need help; it's no joke. I honestly perceive the Red Cross as one of the more stable, honest organizations to give to, so this concert and effort makes a lot of sense to me.

I'm sitting here, thinking if there's some way I can make this easier. Maybe a hashtag suggestion? #RedCrossCommunity with a link to main red cross donation link in the tweet?

YOU GUYS are my Community. Right now, the "Community" part of the hashtag is all of you. I'm in tears as I type this.

I don't know how much I can do today except RT stuff, but if you tell the world even a tiny part of my story (please leave out the Advil part), THIS is what the Community fandom is really about. 

I love you guys. Right now, I really need you.