Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Make a Wish (Subway charity) call for donations!

Dear Fans,

Our friend @Lightening_Bug put a lovely Make a Wish donation plan in place for us!

It's on behalf of @NBCCommunity, since @MakeAWish is a @Subway charity. Can we make this a joint #CougarTown thing, so it's also a #Communitown fan action? Obviously the #CougarTown message cards would go to ABC!

Here's the website:

Go Greendale, Go Greendale, GO!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cougar Town ad sponsors from 4/24 and 4/10/12

Why should we tweet the Cougar Town ad sponsors? Hell's bells, Trudy, here's why:

Because we love Cougar Town. Because #Communitown is a beautiful thing. Because we're rooting for them, all the way, and are happy they went up 13% in Nielsen viewers last night. Because @uhohmorshedios is a GODDESS and compiled this list. Because all @vdoozer shows need to remain on the tee vee. Tweet these sponsors and say hello, OK?

Here's 5/1/12 from @uhohmorshedios (San Fran) with #Community ad sponsors cross-referenced!

Here's 4/24/12 from @loulzb!

Wendys, doritos, internet explorer, dove soap, tropicana orange juice, office depot, Verizon, propel zero, campbells soup

@CougarTownRally 4/11/12 list: I got M&Ms, propel water, tropicana orange juice, office depot, turbo tax, wendys, TJ Maxx, nokia, dove chocolate

Last day to vote in Hulu poll!

Guys, please vote. We really need to #WinAllTheThings, OK? Also, tell EVERYONE and post EVERYWHERE. We're holding our own against the zombies, even without Community posting on Facebook and twitter. It shows me that we've gotten REALLY organized since December, and I'm proud of you guys.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guys, there are funny prizes for the blanket vs pillow fort pictures!

Just thought you should know about it, since it's ALL FOR YOU. Consider this your fellow fans' personal thank you for your love and devotion! If you love NBC Community, you are eligible. Upload a picture of your blanket or pillow fort here:

Here's the @balen13 pillow fort!