Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bullet Points for 2/9/12 International NBC Community Flashmob Day; OLD SCHOOL marketing

Hello Community Fans!

UPDATE (1/28/12): here's your tl;dr summary
  • We're buying NBC merchandise as a group on Thursday 2/2/12: The NEW Warhol-style Troy and Abed shirt has my name on it.
  • A bunch of us are on Twitter, so please consider signing up for it. The reach is instant and international, much like a conference call, and Twitter makes it easy when you sign up. Follow me @violincatherine and @EvilTroyAndAbed; we'll get you connected and involved quickly, OK?
  • Thursday 2/9/12 is International Save Community Day. As I told my cousins today, even if you make a video in your backyard and send it to that page, you are participating!
  • Here's the lovely LA flashmob writeup from Danielle Turchiano at the Examiner.
  • Current goal: 11 million Nielsen unicorns
  • I don't give a rat's behind what the rumors say. We're still fighting until we're told to stop, OK? So NOW, please don't be shy about NBC Community. Tell everyone you know and meet. Buy a gabby friend some food and drinks and ask them to tell all their friends. If you have far-away friends in exotic places in the US (South Dakota, Hawaii, etc), call them NOW and tell them to tell all their friends. Nielsen is everywhere, but WE can reach them.
  • I just emailed Zuckerberg for help with our MMORPG, and am reaching out to admen for help with a national fan-funded ad campaign. I could use the group's help on deciding what to do. So far, @supersarah33 has some slam dunk ideas, with biggest bang for the buck. (Print ads, billboards, and posters are up for discussion so far. We can raise money through
  • Send letters to Steve Burke also, but mainly to Robert Greenblatt, NBC CEO, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608. Hand write your letters and make them nice, OK? Other NBC Executive snail mail addresses are here. 
  • Our fellow fans for the Event put together an amazing blog with some things we should all read and consider, including Steve Burke's address: You guys rock, and I love you! I'll use your ideas too, OK? THANK YOU!
  • Bill Murray meme
  • Reaching all Nielsen households includes: some are of them have no computers. How do we reach ALL of them? I'm developing flyers and emails to post and share. Meme flyers in all grocery stores in the US would be amazing. Funny viral emails go far, and word of mouth would leak over off the computers. Dream: Bob Greenblatt and Steve Burke get viral emails (that have gone around the world twice already via the Internet) in their inbox.
The LA flashmob was a rousing success! I'm working out a wrap up now. Our future is more urgent; I heard the rumor that NBC Community returns to live broadcast in March. I have Old School marketing ideas to reach 11 Million Nielsen Unicorns (These go to ELEVEN!)

1) Thursday 2/9/12 (lovingly timed to coincide with Cougar Town's 2/14/12 return) is International NBC Community Flashmob Day!

a) All of you guys, POST THIS URL (Right click, Copy Link Location, then Right Click, Paste. Old School, click and drag to select select, Ctrl C, then Ctrl V elsewhere) on Facebook and Twitter NOW, OK? Say a line or two about your involvement in the mobs, and how everyone can watch on Hulu. If you have the resources to throw a DVD viewing party or build a blanket fort, do it! Make it potluck if you want!
b) All cities and all countries are invited to make their own mob. Don't worry about people coming. The Wall Street Journal may be more interested that it's international, OK? I'll be in the Philly mob. I made a darn fool of myself on a NYC street by myself. Your mob can be JUST YOU. Let the Disco Spider (Arana Discoteca) be a guide: NOT embarrassing AT ALL!
c) Make a flyer NOW. Take a funny picture from the show and make a graphic meme with funny show dialogue. Dream: Donde Esta La Biblioteca in Spanish neighborhoods. Big pictures of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino in EVERY neighborhood (Slogan: What would Childish Gambino do? Watch NBC Community on Hulu! Support two great black actors on NBC!) If there is a mob in your city (OK, please just say yes and do that), post about the mob. Put little tear off strips on the bottom with the mob details, and, returning to NBC in March. If you're stuck for a tagline or meme, use the group NBC Community photo and say, "You want funny? WE'VE GOT THE FUNNY!"

POST SEVERAL flyers in every language, neighborhood, grocery store, YMCA, community center, liquor store, dentist's office, train station. Post as a jpeg on Facebook and Twitter. If you are in college, post in every college building. Make the funniest meme you can, that your local community will laugh at. Make some Korean ones for Ken, and some Polish ones for Danny. Send the flyers via Facebook and email to your friends in the next town over, and ask them to post them in the grocery store and elsewhere. I want this country flooded with NBC Community meme posters NOW to reach all the Nielsen unicorns, OK?

If you have a singing flashmob, you will need a track on an ipod, connected to the largest ipod docking station or amplifier you can find. I can help you with music and PR. You have a LOT of support from all of us, and the fastest way to reach us is on twitter: @violincatherine, @EvilTroyAndAbed, and @SuperSarah33.

2) My Professor Friend James Fowler (we were Harvard undergrads together) gave this advice: "you should emphasize that people have the biggest effect on their real world friends, so a few focused messages to them will be more effective than a lot of broadcasts to strangers." Quote that and attribute him; he is a fancy schmancy professor!

a) So the biggest push is to your family, friends, and colleagues.
b) There are 500 secret Nielsen boxes in every state in the US (25K total; may be fewer in less populous states). These are real people with families, friends, jobs, hobbies. Some do not have computers, which is the reason for the flyers. They are from all races, income levels, and job types. Dream: a Flashmob flyer in Alaska that gets the loggers laughing over a beer, one that gets surfers yelling Yo Bra Funny in Hawaii, one that makes farmers laugh in a general store in South Dakota, finally a WSJ business article about us that makes high level executives mumble and laugh over coffee. Big stunts will eventually reach the mainstream media, but I want you all to brainstorm with me on how to reach the families in question.
c)  ANY ideas you have, please send them to me at or to Evil Troy and Abed. We're both on Twitter and Facebook and we're on your side! If you're shy, you can send me a personal message on Facebook or ask me to follow you on Twitter to send me a DM (direct message), OK?

3) There are people saying, be careful, don't flood Greenblatt's office with letters. When I hear that, you understand that I think they're from CBS, right? OK, maybe I'm paranoid, but we have a short window here to pull the tide in our favor (goal, 11 million Nielsen unicorns by March). I think they're actually from CBS, to be honest. @SuperSarah33 and I say, please send some nice, hand-written letters to Uncle Bob! Have you got this address memorized yet?

Robert Greenblatt, NBC CEO, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608.

4) This one's from @NannySox. Everyone, buy some @YoplaitYogurt on Tuesday 1/24/12 and tweet/Facebook it! Evil Troy and Abed, do you have a page for this yet? If you want to run an impromptu MOB on this topic, goateed people (or just yourself) buying it at the store, fixing a nice meal, eating it, or juggling Yoplait containers in the backyard, videotape it and send it over! We love the parent company @GeneralMills too. You can buy a lot of Cheerios, Yoplait, Muir Glen pasta sauce, and use or donate it!

5) You've seen Dean Pelton on the Facebook and twitter Greendale Community College (@Greendale_CC) pages, right? There's an attempt at an Old School MMORPG paintball/blanket fort/message board style parkour/panty raid across Facebook and twitter. If anybody wants to set up these Facebook pages/twitter handles and start shooting me with paintballs, I would be happy: LEDGE, BIGTREE, City College cafeteria, Drainage Ditch, Garbage Dumpster, Study Room, Study Room Window, Hedges.
a) paintball: *shoots red paintball @violincatherine* #NBCpaintball #MorePig #SaveCommunity
b) blanketfort: *runs into (name silly wing of blanket fort), sees (youtube video of silly thing)*
c) parkour: *exits #StudyRoomWindow, runs along #Ledge, runs 1/2 mile, hides behind #GarbageDumpster*
d) panty raid: *runs (name wild type of panty or boxer design) of @DanHarmon up the flagpole*
e) I'm writing to Zuckerberg to see if anyone wants to develop this. Hi, Sony, I'll pay you money to enter this world online, OK? It's all yours! Any fans who want to change these rules, make them better, work with me on developing something funny, please be my guest! PLEASE heckle Dean Pelton and shoot him with paintballs, OK? Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but paintball makes the crown colorful!
f) Resurrect from paintball shot with one of five statements (honor system): #GreenblattLoveLetter, #MediaContact, #MediaResearch, #ILoveNBCCommunity, #NBCFlashmobPR

6) Let's all go on the NBC Store Facebook page and say hi to Glenn, OK? They made a NEW SHIRT for us. Scroll down to see it. Can we pick a Thursday, as a group, to buy something? Ideas?

7) @CommunityFolow had a really great idea, connecting with NBC local affililates. @jtabrys mentioned the NBC affiliate list, from their website: How can we connect with them, show them our love and support, and see if there's anything we can do for them? We love you, NBC!

My money is on the NBC Community fan horse! We have all the smarts, love, talent, and numbers to make ANYTHING happen. I mean, hot tamales, we got an International Flashmob going in one day!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello, fellow Community fans! For you fine folks in LA, scroll down to the first numbered list for clues. #4 is the Bill Murray meme, and #9 is the Uproxx #PierceOrChevy game. Fun, right? I told you! xoxo

Our main focus this week is on creative and funny ways to support the efforts of the LA flashmob. I'm a newbie at PR, but here's the January 2012 Save Community press release!

UPDATE: Based on TV critic (mainly the owl who is often a pussycat) and fellow fan input, we are currently adding in a letter writing campaign to all fan initiatives. Please send hand-written, polite #GreenblattLoveLetters to Uncle Bob: Robert Greenblatt, CEO, NBC Universal, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608. FB letters writing parties page. The NBC Britta'd gal on Facebook has addresses on her page's info section. Ad sponsors (Yoplait/General Mills are the main ones, but we should add other friendly tweeting companies, OMG General Mills and Yoplait are REALLY GOOD at social media and send us merch!), other executives, and Sony are other good places, but let's shine most of our love on Uncle Bob, OK? There are now weekly prizes on offer, so get cracking and do us proud!

We're trying our best to incorporate letter-writing parties after each flashmob, as local events tied in with viewing parties and #blanketforts, and as a fan initiative to win prizes!

We have a fun #GreenblattPrank going now. @ImAmandaJulius started this, so please tweet her for details. It's a group letter, where we explain how Season 4 saves the world, and each person writes a numbered page. I feel a little sorry for the secretary, but we'll have instructions included on how to read the entire thing online.

2012, for many of my friends and for me, is already a radiant and beautiful year. Yeah, yeah, ask me in a week or two. OK, fine! Here's the proof that it's a good year:

  1. (click to go to link) According to Meg James at the LA times, COMEDY CENTRAL may end up syndicating NBC Community!
  2. Alex Zelben at MTV documented my fanatic madness, and I love him for it.
  3. Curt Wagner (Chicago Tribune) interviewed Danny Pudi and shouted out this humble blog; what is this timeline, people? Whee!
  4. If you see Bill Murray, please tell him to call Dan Harmon. This is a sincere Bill Murray AND Community fan's deepest wish; thank you! 
  5. There are SO MANY cool pages on Facebook now: LA flashmob, Save NBC Community brainstorming, Abed4President (place for button design submission, remote fan mob goatees, polls for event wishes).
  6. You already know about the LA Flashmob, right? Craigslist post for LA flashmob 
  7. Perez Hilton, I LOVE YOU! 
  8. "Lost" HiatusInspector SpacetimeAbed4President, @notajenny writes a darn cool blog!
  9. You saw the #PierceOrChevy game, right?
  10. The NYC Silent Disco is my humble, maybe awkward, but heartfelt, PR support for the LA mob and for Comedy Central/Sony: NYC Silent Disco
There are 10 million ideas on the next post, plus a wrapup of the NYC flash mob. Feel free to scroll down to catch up, and please consider this a dialogue and work in progress, OK?

OK, so the Comedy Central syndication is not a done deal yet. It is a good idea to keep all other initiatives in the fire simultaneously so our show has as many cannonballs for its press leverage and fan revenue cannons as possible. It's some stupid hour in the morning, so please scroll down to previous posts to catch up on all the previous initiatives (plus NYC mob wrapup), and I will add the ideas back in when it's a humane hour. But here are the things we are discussing NOW, and what you can do to help:

  1. The Comedy Central deal is bliss on a stick. Period. NYC Silent Disco.
  2. @maxkimble said all NBC Community fans should kiss a Comedy Central executive. I said: only if they're clean! I like the Comedy Central Kissing Booth idea.
  3. @foreverhuddyfan likes the idea of an #Abed4President election style party near Comedy Central headquarters. This could include a blanket fort. I like doing the silent disco as a quick and dirty first event, then planning out the #Abed4President party soon! Fun, right? Comedy Central and Viacom: legalese legalese blah blah blah. We love you, use ALL THESE FAN IDEAS IF YOU LIKE THEM! We will sign waivers and attend any party in droves. It's not stealing when someone loves you and rants at you like a madwoman on a blog at 2:45am, saying, YES! We are RABID, SERIOUS FANS. Seriously, you want us. We're not Nielsen; we're techie kids on laptops. We will follow you like bloodhounds and BUY ALL YOUR SHIZ. Like, who doesn't want all the comedy standup DVDs? What the heck do you think all my friends and relatives will be getting for presents? How many friends and relatives will I have left in a year at this rate? I just don't care; I love this show all the way to my bones; I added a Hulu Plus subscription with pride and am happy to pull Comedy Central properties on board in any way I can. For real. Love you. Kissing booth?
  4. If you click on this link, you can submit button designs for Abed4President buttons to wear at mobs/events/Comedy Central pranks (fan art preferred), vote on blanket fort locations and structure, connect with other fans to submit goatees or other items that fans can wear for you at mobs/events.
  5. If you click on this link, you can brainstorm with us about anything you want: big mobs, little mobs, events, blanket forts, Yoplait Yogurt/General Mills (yes, this is still DEFINITELY a thing, and I bought a Cherry Original yogurt as a sign of solidarity when I was out with my peeps tonight), ways to keep selling out the NBC Store, showing love to Sony Pictures, you name it! Currently up for discussion, and please use the Facebook search box to search for extra pages and topics: Universal Orlando mob to sing Somewhere Out There, Satellite vs Central blanket forts (see also Abed4President for a poll), where to do a Guinness Book of World Records fort (@CommunityFolow, I love you, and there's no reason we can't have big AND little forts, right?! Whee!), International Collage of Blanket Forts (led by the charming Spaniard @be_cooky), and the Greendale Community College facebook page (led by Belgian @GuillaumeElleb; I am now a violin professor in our own personal Greendale).
  6. If Comedy Central picks up Community for a 4th year and syndication, I strongly vote for a Blanket Fort celebration at Comic Con. 
  7. We have the most beautiful cast in the world. Any media person I talk to says the same thing: they are SO nice, and SO sweet. It's not always like this in Hollyweird, folks. It makes me so happy to know that good words and deeds are coming back to the cast now in the form of fervent fan AND media support!
  8. We won a bunch of stuff in the's online poll. To be honest, the poll was a helluva lot easier than @showpatrol Curt Wagner's Chicago Tribune thing, against the zombies (aka Walking Dead fans voting for Daryl, led by @TeamReedus). I mean, REALLY. But we're extremely happy to earn our show the representation in the media that they deserve. They work so hard, and we love them.
OK, really the first priority here should be PR for the LA Flashmob, and here I am threatening to dance awkward dances and to build a kissing booth for Comedy Central. OK, I got carried away again; shoot! I'm doing my best to learn how to delegate and to spread the ideas over several people and groups of people. It's so much more fun when there's a lot of us working together. So, please feel free to Facebook hash out any good PR ideas to us, or tweet them either to me at @violincatherine or to @EvilTroyAndAbed. I don't know how many tricks I have up my sleeve, really. Love drives me, love propels me, making the cast and Dan Harmon happy and getting them AT LEAST another season gives me the ability to do stuff I was never able to do before.


(P.S. - Translation of  "That's a beautiful lady in a fantastic blanket fort" got translated today into several languages.
Portugese (@Mayh___):  In portuguese, it's something like "Uma linda moça em um fantástico forte de cobertor"
French (@GuillaumeElleb): Something like "C'est une femme magnifique dans un fantastique fort (ou château) en couvertures"
Spanish: (the Spaniards were too busy teaching me swear words in Spanish)
Russian (from me): Weirdly, I know Russian! Eto krasavitza v fantasticheskom obshchem forte! Dolgosrochnoi sloozhhbui and ! -CB)
(P.P.S. - Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumpleanos, to Dan Harmon. -CB)
(P.P.P.S. - I heartily welcome anyone of any language to teach me how to be polite in their language (ahem, SPAIN!), or to talk about blanket forts. I also welcome any and all ideas to help promote Community. If you have media, event planning, translation, or design experience, there is PLENTY for you to do, and the fan community will support and love you! -CB)
(P.P.P.P.S. - @GungaJason is running a hunger strike at Two fans immediately chimed in, re: ick no. The strike has medical supervision. But still, here's person even more fanatic than me for once. Is it gross to say that's a relief? Anyway, I imagine a Daily Show interview with the lone NBC Community Hunger Striker, and I have to say, it's pretty funny. Comedy Central, he's ALL YOURS! xoxo where's the kissing booth? -CB)