Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Monday, May 12, 2014

Please tweet #KeepCommunityAlive on Thursday!

Dear Human Beings,


While we work out what is fact and what is rumor, Team Community has been mobilizing in the background to try to provide whatever comfort and support we can.

We're tweeting #KeepCommunityAlive this Thursday night, 8pm/7c.

We had some ideas about what to include during the evening's twitter marathon:

  • @Lightening__Bug, who is a devoted Veronica Mars fan, loved their idea of buying DVDs and donating them to libraries. But any place that provided a loving service would be good: shelters, hospitals, you name it.
  • She also suggested we could buy @Subway sandwiches and/or thank the other ad sponsors. If you scroll into this post, please click on West Coast or Houston ad sponsor lists, and you'll get ALL the sponsors for the season. Amazing work from the ad sponsor team, right?
  • From @Supersarah33 and @Comedy4Cast: We could clean out the NBC Store, ONLY if any of you are in the mood to do so. (Except for THAT shirt, lol.)
  • It's not all gloom and doom, okay? @Comedy4Cast would like to remind everybody that there is a lovely CommuniCon (our THIRD fan convention, courtesy of the lovely, unstoppable juggleknob @UhOhMorsheDios) planned for October 25-26 in Glendale, CA:

We'd like to celebrate what is good about the fandom and the show. We have so many blessings. We have each other. We'd love to use the hashtag to celebrate each other.

Please, if you can, realize that NBC is in the past now. We have to move forward, and nothing can be accomplished by bashing them or wanting to go back to them, okay? I know it's hard. I think most of us are still in denial.

There is more to come. We're waiting for official news before we mobilize further, okay? We are 100% invested in doing whatever is humanly possible to help.

We will always be a Community.

With love and gratitude,
Team Community

Thanks to @Our_Greendale for our lovely event icon!