Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Friday, December 9, 2011

NBC Community ad sponsor list, and what to do now

Hello Community fans!

Let's send letters to the CEO of NBC (Robert Greenblatt, c/o NBC Universal, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608). Please handwrite them and make them nice. Please try not to whine or to mention other shows, OK?

Please show some love to the advertisers! We're tweeting them, and please find them on Facebook and on the web. This week is a good time to start writing letters (Greenblatt, advertisers, NBC executives).

UPDATE: West Coast ad list (4 additional sponsors), 12/8/11: courtesy @Anthonyjwu
(Also, @AnthonyJWu is finding tweet handles I missed: @TargetRedCard, @cutiescitrus, @TinTinMovie, @AskCapitalOne, @. He is officially a Community Twitter God. I'll try to keep up with you, Mr. Wu!)

Current week's ad sponsor lists (Thursday, 12/8/11, Please use @Kohls_Official for Kohl's, I made an error on the @violincatherine list. Thanks!): and and   Courtesy @Greendale_Love and @SaveCommunity3

NOTE: @YoplaitYogurt has been AMAZING on twitter (; @OldNavy broadcast SEVERAL ads throughout the rest of the NBC schedule tonight, and I'm planning on making a @PizzaHut video (a la Leonard) this week.

NBC executive mailing list:, courtesy @SaveCommunity3. I've got my stamps, how about you? I'm handwriting them, too, which is the current general advice.

Snail mail general list; ad sponsors:

If anyone feels that another link is good to have here for reference, please tweet it to me at @violincatherine.

Okay, so what do we do now? I had a massive amount of brainstorming last week; please scroll down to the next post if you'd like to see all those ideas.

1) Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas repeats next Thursday, 12/15 on NBC at 8pm. It's a beautiful episode, and I'll spread the word and tweet the advertisers like normal. Parks and Recreation AND Up All Night are getting my full support during the hiatus. I'm also treating Danny Pudi's appearance on Chuck, since it's ABED (but not really, I know), like a Community show. 

2) I want NBC and Sony to find other ways to monetize the show:
  • S3E10 Holiday Regional Music soundtrack on itunes.  (@Greendale_Love and @JHeaton416)
  • Sheet music sent out for paid digital download from S3E10
  • Dean/Chang/Starburns/Magnitude/Leonard Christmas ornaments. 
  • DVD sales (also, can be used as prize incentive ANYWHERE for data mining).
  • Greendale comic books. 
  • Sexy v-neck shirts from American Apparel, that my female friends would wear, with Greendale logos.
  • Or give me iron-on patches and I'll make the shirts myself.
  • Santa Annie costumes, STAT
  • Hulu+ conversion from Netflix; incentives/contests/prizes
  • 12 days of Greendale Christmas twitter contest, with trivia questions and prizes (NO cost to run twitter contest except your legal fees and website setup for data mining on splash page to enter, FYI)
  • Action figures (I LOVE the set you already did for last Christmas, too)
  • Coffee table book of the show, with full-color pictures and quotes. I WOULD BUY in a heartbeat.
  • All-purpose joke book, divided by categories, from character's perspectives
  • Anything about Chevy Chase, #pierceorchevy, or Pierce Hawthorne
  • I would like to read Dean Pelton's novel, or see a Day in the Life as video/story
  • ***tweet me at @violincatherine and I will include your idea on this list***
 3) As fans, WE have collective powers. Keep talking about the show with your friends. We only had a couple of weeks to try to get viral awareness of the show. Both with friends and with mass media, we can bring people to the hulu website, show them DVDs, show them the brilliant cast stunts this week (College Humor:, #PierceOrChevy:, and show them  clips on NBC or Hulu.

4) I like the idea of viral videos, crazy stunts, etc (see the next post for ideas). Would any of you like to do a Flash Mob at 30 Rock, crash the Today Show, or try to go ice skating near the tree as a group? Do you have ideas for some crazy stunt? Blanket Fort? Paintball War? If we make it goofy enough and film it, it's REALLY good for the show, too. It's up to us. If any of you can find a way to get the show and cast stunts into high-ranking newspapers, radio, and magazines, please send that email or make that call now.

5) I'm hoping NBC will see the hiatus the way Netflix saw Qwikster: reversible and stupid. If we can organize to help monetize, we can help with NBC's cash flow problem too. If we all donated $10 to a "Save the Show" campaign, we'd have $30-$100 million FAST. We could all get a Troy and Abed in the Morning sticker. I don't care how it's monetized, NBC and Sony. We'll buy whatever you're selling if you say it will save the show! Also, I'm aware that Sony may roll out a 4th season to give a full 88 episodes for syndication. Still, any way I can pitch in to make CERTAIN this happens is better than sitting idly by and worrying.


(PS - This is a lovely summary of last night's show:

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