Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cougar Town ad sponsors from 4/24 and 4/10/12

Why should we tweet the Cougar Town ad sponsors? Hell's bells, Trudy, here's why:

Because we love Cougar Town. Because #Communitown is a beautiful thing. Because we're rooting for them, all the way, and are happy they went up 13% in Nielsen viewers last night. Because @uhohmorshedios is a GODDESS and compiled this list. Because all @vdoozer shows need to remain on the tee vee. Tweet these sponsors and say hello, OK?

Here's 5/1/12 from @uhohmorshedios (San Fran) with #Community ad sponsors cross-referenced!

Here's 4/24/12 from @loulzb!

Wendys, doritos, internet explorer, dove soap, tropicana orange juice, office depot, Verizon, propel zero, campbells soup

@CougarTownRally 4/11/12 list: I got M&Ms, propel water, tropicana orange juice, office depot, turbo tax, wendys, TJ Maxx, nokia, dove chocolate

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