Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tonight's Community Hashtag is #MeowMeowBeenz!

Dear Human Beings,

Here is the artwork for tonight's hashtag, #MeowMeowBeenz, starting at 8pm/7pm Central. We're giving away TWO signed posters again tonight to anybody tweeting on the hashtag, and all International fans ARE eligible! Please follow @Our_Greendale for more information; we'll draw one name each from the East and West Coast airings.

If you can, please tweet our ad sponsors as they air tonight. Twitter visibility is worth a LOT of money to our sponsors. Current #GreendaleGivesBack ad sponsor campaign information is here (Many thanks to @Lightening__Bug):

PLEASE NOTE: The Fannibals are tweeting #EmbraceTheCulture to thank @Yoplait this week, so if we use our hashtag #GreendaleGivesBack AND the Fannibal hashtag and unite BOTH fandoms this week, it would be really wonderful. Even one tweet helps us, so please don't need to feel you *must* purchase anything.

Here's a fun Nielsen stunt, too. Try to get these images out across Facebook, on your personal timelines, AND on Tumblr. (Many thanks to @Our_Greendale):

Let's go, Greendale. We're LEGENDARY. We've GOT THIS.

Team Community

I don't know either, but it looks HILARIOUS. 

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