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Cast of Community

Thursday, March 22, 2012

NBC Community ad sponsor tweet lists!

I'll keep this permalink running on the Pinterest Street Team Board (you don't have to sign in to use this; click the icon twice):

Here's the link to the NBC Community Street Team:

Please join @Lightening__Bug@Greendale_PR and @Greendale_PR_UK in a campaign to thank the ad sponsors. Here's @Lightening__Bug's #GreendaleGivesBack ad sponsor charity campaign:

Please tweet our ad sponsors with the #UncountedCommunity hashtag, make little vine videos about them, check in on TV Tag (formerly GetGlue) during the show's airing, say hi on Facebook, and buy something if it makes sense for you (But: you can make a Vine video at a car dealership, about to take a test drive, for example). Let them know that an ad buy on our fine show gets them a LOT of buzz!

Lots of repeats, holy crap! Thank you to all the ad sponsors; huzzah!


Current Ad Sponsors:

3/6/14 508 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Houston - use tabs at bottom for 3/6 (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 3/6 (@UhOhMorshediOs):

2/27/14 507 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

1/30/14 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Houston - use tabs at bottom for 1/30 (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 1/30/14 (@UhOhMorshediOs):

1/23/14 Ad Sponsors: East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Houston - use tabs at the bottom for 1/23/14 (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 1/23/14 (@UhohMorsheDios):

1/9/14 Ad Sponsors
East Coast (@Lightening__Bug):

Detroit (@MaggieTrundles):

Houston - Use tabs at the bottom for different dates (@JenniferWorthen):

West Coast - scroll down for 1/9 (@UhOhMorsHEDios):

1/2/14 Ad Sponsors
East Coast (@Lightening__Bug): 

Detroit (@MaggieTrundles):
501 1st ad break Neutrogena
501 2nd ad break
501 3rd ad break Freedom Aveeno

Houston (@JenniferWorthen):

San Francisco (@UhOhMorsheDiOs):


3/14/13 Ad Sponsors
East Coast:
@VerizonWireless @Motorola Droid Razr Maxx (2 ads!), @FocusFeatures #Admission movie, @CutiesCitrus, @TheHobbitMovie, @Ford @FordFocus@Subaru_USA iphone (2 ads tonight), @MillerCoors Redd's Apple Ale, , #BurtWonderstone , Cruze
Central Time:
Add @Wendys and @Dodge truck month! (Thanks @GwenTrundlebed and @BrittLikesTV!)
West Coast (thank you @UhohMorsheDios!):

3/7/13 Ad Sponsors
Say hi on Facebook too: Shall we do another group twitter yogurt buy? What do you guys think? Yoplait is AMAZING.
EDIT: @JohnFriedaUS exists; I just couldn't find it last night! So use that, sorry!
Eastern Time:
Central Time (thank you @GwenTrundlebed and @JenniferWorthen!):

2/28/13 Ad Sponsors
Eastern Time: Another @Yoplait ad! Also, 2 @Tmobile ads in the 2nd act!
Western Time (Thank you @UhOhMorshedios!) Scroll down to see this week:

2/21/13 Ad Sponsors
Eastern Time (South Jersey)! Another @Yoplait ad; 2nd one this season. I bought some Yoplait!

2/14/13 Ad Sponsors
Eastern Time! Another @Ford double shot:
Central Time! Thank you @JenniferWorthen!

2/7/13 Ad Sponsors
Central Time! THANK YOU @JenniferWorthen!
LOTS OF REPEATS, including @YOPLAIT and a double shot of @FORD!
West Coast! Thank you @UhOhMorshEdios!

5/10/12 Ad Sponsors
East Coast! Batman = @Gwentrundlebed and @Greendale_Love!

West Coast! Batman = @SuperSarah33!
Add , and

West Coast (San Fran)! Batman = @uhohmorshedios!

5/3/12 Ad Sponsors
East Coast! Thank you @Gwentrundlebed and @Greendale_Love!

4/26/12 Ad Sponsors 
New Jersey @violincatherine and Detroit (say thanks to hubby!) @GwenTrundlebed
San Francisco @uhohmorshedios
Portland @SuperSarah33

4/19/12 Ad Sponsors (Yadda Yadda @Subway, yadda yadda @YoplaitYogurt)
New Jersey  @violincatherine and Detroit @gwentrundlebed
San Francisco @uhohmorshedios
Portland @SuperSarah33

4/12/12 Ad sponsors (NOTE: @Subway and @YoplaitYogurt had ads this week. If you can buy/tweet their products, they are VERY friendly to us. This is GREAT NEWS!):
New Jersey and Detroit @violincatherine and @gwentrundlebed
Portland @SuperSarah33
San Francisco @uhohmorshedios
@GreendaleYear4 Milwaukee

4/5/12 Ad sponsors:
East Coast @Greendale_Love
West Coast @supersarah33

3/29/12 Ad sponsors:

@violincatherine and @RobZuber (thank you, Rob!)

@SuperSarah33 got the West Coast!

3/22/12 Ad sponsors:

@violincatherine (I don't know why Fiat, Lowes, and L'oreal fell off my twitter feed. That's why this redundancy is so cool!)

@SuperSarah33 West Coast

3/15/12 Ad sponsors:
Here are 3/15/12 NBC Community Ad Sponsors.  We were impressed by the local ones! Also, THANK YOU to @Greendale_Love and @SuperSarah33. #CoolCoolCool
and follow-up additions and West Coast!
3/16/12 Next day Hulu ads:

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