Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Community Rewatch from New New FluffyTown!

Hello, Greendale!

The very lovely Anie Johnson, aka @OnenonlyAnie, is hosting a Twitter Community rewatch of S06E03 from New New FluffyTown on Tuesday, March 24, at 7pmPT/10pmET. Suggested hashtag: #Community100

Please join us for silliness and fun times!

Here's the Yahoo Screen link to S06E03 (How much do we love Yahoo right now, omg):

Here's the Facebook post, if you'd like to join formally:

And here's a date and time announcer, if you'd like to calculate the start time from anywhere in the world:

Pick your city to the right to get the start time


A Fellow Human Being

New New FluffyTown!

Your host, @onenonlyanie

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