Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Thursday, January 31, 2013

VOTE and share: NBC Community February 7th twitter hashtag!

Hello, precious blueberries!

Here is a poll for February 7th's NBC Community twitter hashtag trending. Once we all agree on it, please share on as many social media forms as you can (at least 3 for each of us should get the word out quickly). I'll put the list of all the places I've posted soon so you can see them and repost from there, okay?

February 7th Hashtag Poll


1) Please keep parentheses around the hashtag until 7pmEST on Thursday, February 7th. (Example: (#)TheHungerDeans.) Also, if you write in a new hashtag, try to make a brand new one so the high trending is maximized. I personally love #WatchCommunity, but we've been using that one for a while.  We can use #WatchCommunity and #CommunityReturnsFeb7 to spread the word, though!

2) At 7pmEST, please go nuts! Go even more nuts as the show starts on Thursday, February 7th on NBC at 8pmEST/7c!

3) SET YOUR DVRs for the show and watch again in 3 days.



I'm too sexy for my shirt!

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