Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NBC Community February 7th twitter hashtag

Hello, precious blueberries!

Well, even though our dear tshirt giveaway friend used #TheHungerDeans hashtag yesterday, everybody voted on it, so we're going ahead as planned.

Please share (#)TheHungerDeans on ALL forms of social media that you can! Thank you!

Here are the instructions, from Reddit (thank you @Ashuhr17!):

Twitter has been a huge part of our fan campaigns to show support for Community. We have had lots of world-wide trending topics related to community in the past including the #sixseasonsandamovie hashtag as well as our #Darkest timeline tweets on October 19th.
The season 4 premiere is coming up this week (finally!) so we are hitting twitter again to show our support. This episode features a Hunger Games-esque parody, so the hashtag we have chosen is (#)TheHungerDeans
Some Hashtag Best Practices:
  • Trends are based on "breaking" topics. When something is being talked about dramatically more than before, it becomes a trending topic. So... Do not use the hashtag before Thursday evening. (An hour before air time)
  • Spread the word, but if you are going to talk about it on twitter, put the # in parenthesis to keep the hashtag fresh: (#)TheHungerDeans
  • Retweets help!
  • Feel free to throw in a #Community or #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.
  • Don't use too many hashtags. 1 or 2 is ideal. Too many hashtags and your tweet might get filtered as spam and not contribute to the trend. Same thing goes for just tweeting just the hashtag with no other content.
Remember: Nielsen and Twitter are teaming up beginning in the fall to use Twitter as a way of measuring television ratings. Although it won't officially help the ratings now, the network could have an eye on twitter already.


You love me. You really love me!

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