Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Say Goodbye to Troy with this icon and #BonTroyage

Hello Human Beings!

Brief recap of recent fan teamwork to thank ad sponsors (Post photos and Vine videos thanking ad sponsors by name on twitter; every little thing helps us): Ad sponsor thank you project

We have 3 hours to get this information across the Internet, okay?

NBC and other *cough* people have their eyes on us tonight, so let's make a strong fan pitch so we can shoot for #sixseasonsandamovie!

We need #BonTroyage to go across twitter. Please also use #Community so Nielsen can see us clearly.

Take the icon below with these two hashtags, and please form teams of people to do the following tasks, in order of importance (if you need any help, there is a team of us standing by: @Lightening_Bug @Naive_Steve @Greendale_PR_UK @CDulaney85 @Applextree @Violincatherine):

1) Post the icon on your personal facebook stream, plus any fan pages you may have.

2) Post on the Community subreddit and upvote that sucker like crazy.

3) Post on Tumblr and get a team organized to help reblog.

4) Post on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and any other place you hang out a lot online.

Here's the icon, to go along with #BonTroyage and #Community:

#TroyAndAbedNowInReruns is a real hashtag, darlings. *sobs*


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