Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tonight's hashtag is #CorkageFee, and I'm offering a prize!

Hello Greendale!

The official hashtag for tonight is #CorkageFee. When you tweet, please also include hashtag #Community for proper Nielsen twitter count. Please post the image at the bottom on all social media forms, and spread the word! We're got Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) and Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) as guest stars tonight; so we should get a LOT of curious extra viewers.

I'm giving away one special prize package from my personal stash (purple pen, #WatchCommunity gum canister, squeeze ball), to say thank you to Sony's syndication wing:

2 requirements for winning this prize:

1) Follow (or be following) @WatchCommunity on twitter
2) Tweet #CorkageFee during the 8pmEST hour (and, as @douchebaggette pointed out, 3 hours later on the West Coast. Thank you for the gentle reminder!)

I'll pick the winner randomly.

You can schedule your 8pm tweets in advance, too. We've got three hours!

We'll be watching for ad sponsors as usual. Follow @Lightening__Bug, @JenniferWorthen, and @UhohMorSheDios for tracking, and @Greendale_PR and @Greendale_PR_UK for ad sponsor thank you activities.

Tonight, I'm also giving out 5 purple pens that @Comedy4Cast gave me to distribute to CommuniCon livestream participants. Overseas is fine; step up and be counted!



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