Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Here's the Big @Subway Thank You Campaign!

Dear Human Beings,

Here are some beautiful Subway campaign images from @Our_Greendale:

As you may know by know, Subway is doing a product placement throughout the last two episodes of NBC Community. Fans of our former NBC network brother, Chuck, secured an additional season with weekly sandwich purchases and VERY loud twitter noise.

Our sixth season isn't secure yet.


At the VERY least, please tweet some sweet thank you message to Subway, including these words at the end: "@Subway #SubwayCollege #UncountedCommunity".

Sample tweet:

If you have the dough (pun intended), you could buy a sandwich and take a picture of it, then tweet it to Subway. Here are some image examples from @Gurty (all images, except for the bottom logo from @Our_Greendale, are from her):

@Gurty is the QUEEN of Vine videos, here is her @Subway series:

Vine videos, art (who cares if it's perfect, we like stick figures around here), or anything Subway related will be included in a special gallery later.

So, how about it, Greendale? Let's honor Chuck and give Community a more solid footing in this Nielsen wilderness, shall we?


@ViolinCatherine, working with Team Community

@Gurty's clear background version of @Our_Greendale's original

From @Our_Greendale!

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