Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Monday, April 21, 2014

Official campaign: Tweet #sixseasonsandamovie at Noon PDT/3pm EDT!

Dear Greendale,

We're in full swing all week with a major campaign. We expect to make some noise. Um, I don't see how NBC can ignore us, can you? (Psst: they are actually watching us! :O)

Please tweet #sixseasonsandamovie at noon PDT/ 3pm EDT today. This campaign will be going on all week at noon PDT, every day through Friday.

Here are some links, but it's probably good if you schedule 10-20 tweets on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite right now. I'll redo the links today as the new artwork goes up at noon:






BONUS Tumblr from @Gistobe:

I even posted this on Myspace, just to make some people chuckle:

A Fellow Human Being
(If you have any questions, please tweet me: @ViolinCatherine)

(P.S. - We're about to get super loud with Subway, too. Join in the fun with this campaign:

From @NathanFillion's twitter feed!

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