Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/26 NBC Community Social Media Plans

Hi guys!

Listen, last Friday's hashtag, #Darkest401, was a smash success. We trended #2 in the US and #5 worldwide, for an hour or two. Plus, there were some AMAZING pretend versions of the unaired episode, and both Yvette Nicole Brown and Andy Bobrow tweeted their enjoyment of our escapade.

By popular request, we're doing (#)Darkest402 this Friday, too!

1) Remove parentheses only at 7:30pmEST on Friday, 10/26, and tweet lightly for an hour.

2) Tweet as much as you like, and RT other people's tweets at 8:30pmEST.

3) Only one hashtag per tweet, and we'll rocket up there again.

4) Until Friday, please share this plan on every social media platform that you can, OK? If you're short of time, you can use the links from the main website (2nd link below).

Here's the Reddit link:

And here's the main website link:



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