Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Monday, October 1, 2012

URGENT: PR instructions for 30 Rock kazoo serenade and straitjacket escape, Thursday 10/4

UPDATE: I need help spreading this event around on all the social media sites, and also finding all the emails for EVERY network's evening news PLUS NYC radio stations.

Here is the link for the public, which I need sent around ASAP:

Here is the link to this blog, to solicit help from others for PR work today:

Dear Fans (and our friend Sean),

There is a LOT on my plate right now. I need some help getting the word out about our kazoo serenade and straitjacket escape this Thursday 10/4, 1pm. This is an urgent situation, and this is your official mayday. Please forward this email to every Community fan and NYC videographer you know immediately. Also, email me at immediately if you can help, or know a videographer who can help.

Main webpage for the event; please include this in any tweets that go out. If you're finding help for us, please use this blog link.

1) I want to get us on the evening news.
b) If you open the document and select all the words, then copy into an email, it's better than just a link.
c) I need to find the news desks. All of them. Any help finding any network news desk, especially in NYC, is an urgent thing.
d) We can reach out to all the NYC newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc.

2) I have the list of all the bloggers and newspapers that covered the event back in December, so I'll reach out to them with the press release now. EDIT: done.

3) I need practical help with tweeting the cast. Please find my last tweet at @violincatherine, copy and paste it to each Community cast member. This is most important today. EDIT: done. Yvette, Ganz, and Bobrow are BATMAN. If you'd like to retweet my most recent tweet to @JoelMcHale so he can finally see the darn thing in the sea of tweets he gets, that would be wonderful. Go to @violincatherine for the tweet. Thank you!

4) I have a dream of all of us going to the Today Show on Thursday morning. Kristina, who helped me write the press release, also gave me suggestions for how to figure out those email addresses. don't know who among the fans is available for that. I could bring a mandolin (I don't have a ukulele) and help with some chords. EDIT: emailed, waiting for response.

5) I need to email East Coast AP, Reuters, big news agencies

6) I have the emails for the 30 Rock store, plus all the NBC and Sony bigwigs. I can email them the press release, too. EDIT: done.

7) You have the previous email lists of fans, right? Plus we have Reddit and all the other social media (twitter, Facebook, pinterest, tumblr, etc). If you are on Reddit, please put this link up. I'll do my best to glean the contact information from the spreadsheet ASAP and try to put more together. 
a) I could use some help with an email and tweet. EDIT: email and tweet are done.
b) We can start sending this around; BIGGEST focus needs to be on other fans tweeting the cast for a retweet. I need to come up with a clean tweet. Any help is SO welcome.

8) I need to double check the Craigslist post and see if it needs to be renewed. EDIT: done.

9) Please send this blog post around to peeps that you think might be helpful; link is

Thank you, love you, owe you.


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