Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Monday, November 21, 2011

Advertiser list for Community, both broadcast and hulu (please scroll down for more #savecommunity ideas)

Hello Community fans!

Current week's tweetlist (Thursday, 12/1/11) of show ad sponsors:, courtesy @Greendale_Love.

NBC executive mailing list:, courtesy @SaveCommunity3. I've got my stamps, how about you? I'm handwriting them, too, which is the current general advice.

Hulu sponsor list, 12/2/11:

Snail mail general list; ad sponsors:

Please scroll down a few paragraphs to find the tweetlist of last week's show sponsors. Also, there is a snail mail list at: Please scan the next couple of numbered points first, if you have a moment. We need to get some viewers (#eyeballs) on NBC quickly.

Quick update (#2): I've been doing a TON of research this week. You must know, NBC is #4 in the rankings, so the BEST thing we can do for our beautiful show is to help NBC get more viewers.

1) Tell EVERYONE to watch the new Foosball episode this Thursday, 8pm. Real life friends, Facebook "friends," twitter friends, your mom, your dog, your grandma. NBC seems to me in some sort of lockdown, don't know why, don't care. WE will do their marketing, and make it VIRAL, OK? It really is up to us. TV Guide episode listing:
a) Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement are REPEATS this Thursday. Community and Parks and Recreation are NEW. Let's cross promote Parks and Recreation and ALSO Up All Night.
b) Think like a marketer. Think big. Think what the Nielsen household reads and buys. Target your tweets. Try to attach a viral video if possible (funny scene from the show, or a fan video, or a song you wrote, or even just a picture. You can shorten videos using I used the top magazine ( and newspaper ( circulation lists to write this one:

Watch hottie Joel McHale play naked pool! New Foosball ep, NBC's Community, Thu 12/1, 8pm. Funny=sexy!

In contrast, this: New Foosball-related episode of NBC's Community, Thu 12/1, 8pm. Critically acclaimed; full of elegantly-constructed jokes. Thanks!

@danharmon is a gamer. So also: there's a new Foosball episode of NBC's Community, Th 12/1, 8pm. (creator) avid gamer, show is FUNNY. Pls tune in!

And:  Skyrim fans, is one of you. Please spread the word abt his funny show, NBC's Community. Foosball ep, Th 12/1, 8pm.

c) reach out to products, services, and websites you love and use all the time. Mention the Foosball episode this Thursday, 12/1, 8pm. Tie it in with the TV guide Fan Favorite, a viral video, a funny picture, whatever you want. We are really vibrant, goofy fans, and our enthusiasm is a beautiful thing to behold (I'm talking to YOU, @EvilTroyAndAbed!)
 2) Once I realized NBC is dormant, I decided we need to do it all ourselves, take initiative. Don't Give Up The Ship! (
a) @YoplaitYogurt is very nice to me, responsive and sweet. They asked me to mention, a website that donates 25K to a local foodbank. NBC is in whatever mess, but we aren't! We're alive and want to save the show! Please reach out to Yoplait on Facebook, twitter, hand-written notes, and the Greek4Good campaign. Buy some yogurt and tweet it with #savecommunity. WE CAN DO THIS! I can't do it alone, I NEED all of you! (Jeff Winger style speech).
b) Reach out to Foosball people on twitter, online, and Facebook. I'm going to email the United States Foosball League:
c) Let's start this ourselves. We can have Foosball players from around the world send in scores and funny pictures or videos. We can take a poll about the funniest ones, prize of Funniest Grand Foosballer to the winner. Maybe offer some of our personal merch as a present. Have them send the tweet to #communityfoosball, OK?
d) a professor friend of mine said that suggestions to friends have more impact than tweeting to strangers (re: increasing viewership). So status updates on Facebook, DVD purchases for friends, and viewing parties are a good way to go.

On to the twitter section! If you're like me and need a primer on twitter, here's the NY Times blog:
If you'd like to join the twitter campaign to save our show, Community, here's a couple of ideas. To avoid our tweets looking like spam, we're using one hashtag (#) apiece, with one advertiser (@). General consensus is to stick to #savecommunity. To avoid message dilution, please use one advertiser per tweet, and try to make the tweet personal. Please thank the advertiser for their support. Some of us are taking pictures of purchases and posting them with our tweets. Ultimate goals: to keep Community on the air, and to encourage product placement from advertisers. Also, there are rumors that @SonyPictures may save the day (they create the show, and may buy it from NBC to keep it going). Let's show them some love, too.

In direct response to @nannysox, here's whatever list I can compile after too many sleepless nights. @Greendale_Love is a rockstar, and here's their reddit list:

Also, here's a general season advertiser list:

Please research them before you send, OK? We've been busy on this week's ads. Please fill in gaps if I missed or made a mistake on anything, and please tweet me (@violincatherine) and the others with your own lists, OK?

Notes: @YoplaitYogurt tweeted me right away, which makes me love them even more. @HallmarkPR replied to some people with goatees, so please show them some goatee love! And, I've been looking through FB to find all these advertisers there, too. Thanks! #savecommunity!

@PizzaHut, @YoplaitYogurt@PopTarts411, Infinity @Infinitinews,
@OldNavy, @The_OliveGarden, Cherry @7Up (found Wild Berry in my store), @Dodge
@Htc and @HtcUsa 4g @Tmobile, @Macys, @Windows and @ToshibaUSA, @Disney @MuppetsStudio
@FiatUSA with @JLo in @Gucci, iphone on @sprint, @SportsAuthority and @NorthFace

GE @generalelectric @GEaviation (jet engines)

For Kay Jewelers, who has no FB or twitter presence (does not diminish our loyalty, but it's just harder for them to communicate with us), we found a comment page on the website. I gave them my email/snail mail info and mentioned #savecommunity. I was impressed by how quickly the customer service team responded, and I hope their corporate office will develop a social media presence soon (interns are free, my friends):

Hulu advertisers from the following day: @MartiniRossi, @HtcUSA @tmobile (Radar 4G w/Windows)
@AmSigFurniture (pre-Thanksgiving sales), @Starbucks, @Lowes, @HallmarkPR (recordable storybook)

Please note: I have bought from the following companies this week: @The_OliveGarden, @OldNavy, @7Up, and @YoplaitYogurt. When I pass by a @PizzaHut, @Lowes, @HallmarkPR store or @Starbucks this week, I will stop in and buy something. Period. Online versus broadcast, both have equal weight, but: I spend most of my time online. Hulu/online needs to have more weight, is all I'm saying.


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