Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Viral and Non-Traditional Marketing Ideas

Hello Community fans!

I am aware that this blog is generally long-winded, and I'm a newbie. Until I get css and java script sorted out, you'll have to scroll down to catch up (sorry)! Also, twitter rumors about Sony and a possible save abound. Even if that's true, I still want to see viewer numbers and publicity increase for the show so it's profitable and kept off the chopping block for a LONG time.

The post after this one (Great American Comedy Revival 101) is for Community fans, and I welcome input and ideas from all of you. The next post is a letter specifically for NBC executives, but if you work at NBC, I hope you find all these posts and information useful.

  • Is a songwriting/funny video contest possible in aid of the show? The goofier, the more outrageous the video, the better. Cast members could be the judges?
  • Universal owns many large properties which can be used as prizes and incentives at little cost to the company (theme parks).
  • I mentioned a paintball, or maybe a snowball war.
  • My friends and I all watch funny viral videos. Anything that makes me laugh gets my attention. Let me know if you'd like the list of videos and I will send them to you. I will not list anything publicly that's not on NBC or hulu websites right now.
  • John Stewart casually mentioned Fruit Ninja, which led to a happy phone gaming addiction. I love and trust him and would follow him over a cliff like a lemming. I'm not a sheep, though. He earned it.
  • I trust ads, but only if they're honest or socially conscious. The Apple Think Different ads still affect me, and I love the VW Lemon ad (hi, @AlisonBrie and Mad Men!) The ads need to focus on the group bond and the healing refuge from being misfits. 
  • For me, it feels like more than coincidence that the Occupy and Internet censorship topics are coming up at the same time. What will I do if basic freedoms, rights, and purveyors of happiness are removed? The show is a personal refuge for me. Call it bread and circuses, call it extended childhood, call it a plea for high quality of life, call it a wish to feel I can change my world. Please protect this spirit in ads and through actions. You can pull in more of an audience if this idea is swung the right way, OK?
  • I trust critics, but only if they cut down nonsense shows and movies. I go to blogs, not big news outlets. One blogger I read is brutally honest if she dislikes something, but also influences people to watch/buy DVDs of Friday Night Lights. She is on your side, even as she says that #AnniesMove is obscure. Do not try to buy influence. You have enough critic support, so this should be natural.
  • Someone mentioned marathon viewing parties. NBC needs to release at least 3 free videos to entice the masses. How can a person buy a DVD of a show they've never seen? 
  • Why is the Levar Burton clip not on hulu? 
  • You can also make a series of show montages, with all the in-joke references, so a person can get caught up. I don't like Glee's intros, so please make it classier than that, but please do something similar so the buy-in process isn't so hard.
  • Like I said, to get the laugh track watchers, please use slapstick, viral videos, standup routines, and some BIG stunts. Put it out there: see what better minds than mine can conjure.

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