Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great American Comedy Revival 101

Dear Community fans,

First, a big congratulations to Donald Glover (@DonaldGlover, on twitter), for his standup comedy special, Weirdo, on Comedy Central. Cool cool cool! He is trending on twitter worldwide. Also, he is an amazing comedian and we love him!

Please sign the petition!
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Call NBC and ask to leave feedback: 212-664-2333 and 818-840-4444.

UPDATED 11/21/11: We have an East Coast-West Coast situation. 
Eastcoast Steve: Stephen Burke, President, NBC Universal, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NY NY 10112. Westcoast Bob: Robert Greenblatt, CEO, NBC Uni, 100 Universal City Plaza,Universal City CA 91608
Some people are suggesting paintballs and purple pens. I'm picturing mailmen covered in paint; are paintballs durable? Also, I've posted the end of the Evil Timeline show to the right so you can see the origin of the beards. Maybe a nice goatee for Mr. Greenblatt will be a refreshing change for him? In the meanwhile, I will content myself by imagining goatees on all the executives' faces. I will try to keep this succinct. As you can see in the rest of the blog, that's not so easy for me.

1) I made a personal pledge to reach out to one college professor and one blog/news writer this week. If each of us did that, then we could get some inroads with the What and How of publicity.

2) Currently, we are shackled by Nielsen ratings, DVR within 3 days, and maybe itunes sales. Not DVD sales, and NOT HULU! This is weird for me, since Universal owns both NBC and Hulu. Also, I watch most of my shows online. Ads sell for around $98K, half the cost of other shows. This is all business, people. And I understand this! The advertisers need demographic information, so I'm proposing a demographic study of Community viewers. I don't know what the advertisers need, whether a professor can do this with a student, or whether it needs to be privately done. Please contact media studies/social science/PR professors that you can think of and ask what they think of this. Also, this is a hot topic, and any scholar speaking on the subject will probably find a wide audience. Win-win!

3) MUST READ ( large number of people in twitterverse plus moderate tweets helps a topic achieve highest twitter trending . Many of us on twitter are newbies, and our power may be fragmented by first-time use and confusion (I'm speaking from personal experience). Someone mentioned that we need to keep the total number of hashtags (#) or handles (@) down in any given post. Is it true that Twitter treats such posts as spam, and that they won't count them for trending topics? Also, there are SEVERAL hashtags in operation right now, and I'm worried about message dilution. Thoughts? Is the main one #savecommunity? #sixseasonsandamovie is also popular. I'm wondering if our tweets can be considered as an aggregate? Who would be able to count this; twitter? How much does a sponsored result cost in twitter? I'm personally proud of #luisguzman and @donaldglover for trending. Also, I look first to @Greendale_Love for inspiration and ideas.

4) Thanks to @andreastreeter,, I am purchasing and tweeting advertisers who support the show, thanking them and using the #savecommunity hashtag. The show Chuck managed a longer life with product placement. On Mondays, fans went to Subway, bought some food, the wrote the show's hashtag on comment cards. Subway featured prominently on the show afterwards.

If you tweet, current advice is one handle and 1-2 hashtags a piece on each one. Like I said, I am a Newbie!

If you go to @Greendale_Love, @AndreaStreeter, or @violincatherine (if you search a major advertiser, like @Fiat, @Pizzahut or @OldNavy, you'll find many, many more tweeters of these) and scroll down to the broadcast dates (both real-time and hulu), we live-tweeted the advertisers. I've been up two nights in a row, all night, trying to save my precious show, so when I've had a little rest I'll put all of them up here for you.

5) We are in the embryonic stages of sorting out what our demographics are. I am aware of some of what an advertiser needs, so I trotted some facts about my life and buying habits to form an hypothesis. That is, that the average Community user is:
college grad, high HHI, owns computer, 18-45 demo, avid user of social media, uses computer for frequent purchases. I'm not sure what other breakdowns are important. I suppose race/sex?
@rerorerocandy pointed out that my hypothesis isn't including all viewer demographics. Along with @Greendale_Love, we are adding in college student, grad student, and straight out tech geeks. So, so far, Elite-Snobs + Tech-Geeks. I would like to know the other voices out there, and include them. I am not savvy enough to do this, so I'm just putting out there that we are an Internet-savvy bunch, passionate and vocal, and very eager to help save the show. By the way, we all watch a LOT of stuff on our laptops. This is a BIG plus, right? Who wouldn't want this group? Oh, right, we're misfits!?

6) What happened to CBS? Wasn't it a zone for sneezers and geezers? (Whoa, RIP Mr. Rooney, sorry). What's with this laugh track, cop procedural, eat bugs business? Also, American Idol, Blergh! #savecommunity! That is all.


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