Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cougar Town + Community Viewing Party!

URGENT, please post in craigslist today: scroll down 4 short paragraphs to bold header. Follow step by step directions. A tweet to me at @violincatherine with the city you covered keeps me from double posting in that city, OK? All #Communitown hands on deck, please! UPDATE: Here's the NYC craigslist post, so you can see this baby live! (Posts are now in Baton Rouge, San Diego, Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Austin, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, and Ann Arbor: Thank you, Pirate @balen13, Batman @nwahs086 and sweet Aggie @jenniferworthen!

Here are 3/15/12 NBC Community Ad Sponsors.  We were impressed by the local ones! Also, THANK YOU to @Greendale_Love and @SuperSarah33. #CoolCoolCool
and follow-up additions and West Coast!
3/16/12 Next day Hulu ads:
Tweet to them, say hi on Facebook, and buy something if it's a fit for you. Let them know that an ad buy on our fine show gets them a LOT of buzz!

Please donate wine corks and buy some Subway sandwiches with #Communitown. I'm also going to GMA for the Cougar Town rally on 4/6!

Here's a spreadsheet to keep and help me fill out. I just filled tonight's craigslist fan work in the map that's at the upper left. Please feel free to add online work and real-world flyers to the map. We need blue pins across the midwest and south, OK?

OK, here we go. Communitown fans, unite! 
1) Go here and find a city that strikes your fancy, but a focus on the South and Midwest will help our Nielsen push:
2) We are most interested in targeting Nielsen families by US Census areas. Scroll through the list down the page, and try to fill in all top areas by population if you can: Yes, I am a nerd. Click on the map, note how it overlays craigslist cities. NIELSEN!
3) Click on "events" under "community"
4) Click on "post" at upper right corner
5) Click "events," a city if specified, a location if specified
6) fill in 2012/4/18 to 2012/5/2 for dates (or use today's date to 2 weeks from now, alright?), 
7) use this blogpost title for the title: Cougar Town + Community Viewing Party!
8) Give a specific location
9) put your main email in the reply line. I suggest making it anonymous
10) Cut and paste from below this numbered list to the very end into the body of the post.
10) click continue a couple of times, then publish
11) IMPORTANT: go to your email and click the link, then click that you accept craigslist terms, to make it live. 
12) If you get any crap from craigslist, change a few words around. If you get REALLY stuck, tweet me at @violincatherine.

Dear New and Old Fans,<br><br>
For time-strapped people, here's a summary! Two funny shows on TV this week:<br>
<li><i>Cougar Town</i> is on ABC this Tuesday at 8:30pm!</li>
<li><i>Community</i> is on NBC this Thursday at 8pm!</li>
<br>We promise our shows will cheer you up, OK? Yay! For those who aren't working 17 hour days or something, here's the rest of the story:
<br>Fans of NBC's <i>Community</i> and ABC's <i>Cougartown</i> formed a Super Group (yes, like the Traveling Wilburys) called <b>Communitown</b>. Both of our shows are critically-acclaimed, side-splittingly funny half hour TV sitcoms. Both of our shows need more viewers.
<br><br>Our question, fan to fan: it's important that quality shows stay on the air, right? Aren't you tired of the same old thing? <i>Community</i>, a show about a lovable gang of misfits at a community college, actually breaks new ground with every show. <i>Cougar Town</i> is NOT about Cougars; it's about some good-looking people having fun and hanging out in Florida (just like ALL our friends from New Jersey during the winter)! Come join our fan nationwide viewing party. We'd like to celebrate good TV with you this week!
Hold onto your hats, folks. Here's the NBC <i>Community</i> Season 3 trailer:  <a href="">THAT'S a proper trailer! From NBC; wow!</a>
<br><br>And here's the ABC <i>Cougar Town</i> Season 3 Highlight reel:  <a href="">Link from the fabulous TV critic, Alan Sepinwall</a>
<br><br><i>Cougar Town</i> fans are as passionate as <i>Community</i> fans. For those who already love the show: they're raising money to buy wine corks to send to ABC, buying Subway sandwiches with the <i>Community</i> fans on Mondays, and planning a group action at the end of March. Follow them at <a href=""></a>. If you'd like to get involved, the easiest #Communitown organizers to find are Cougar Town Rally and Evil Troy and Abed on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you and enjoy the funny!
Communitown Fans (#CougarTown and the #Greendale7)

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