Cast of Community

Cast of Community

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Street Team!

Here's my Pinterest Street Team board:
@SmoochyDaisy52, @Greendale_Love and @MsDaisySteiner (Pinterest board: helped with all these ideas today.

@SmoochyDaisy52 says she is the Britta in the Street Team, and I am Jeff. Feel free to call yourself any other name at Greendale. Multiples are OK; no fighting, children!

The original impulse for a Street Team comes from Sherlock fans. They post chalk graffiti and flyers everywhere, then put an image of the post on a google map. (See #4 and #5 below, or just click on the top Pinterest link.)

Rock band street teams: distribute flyers/stickers, sell merch at shows, send emails out, call TV/radio stations.

Street marketing in Europe sometimes involves people in strange costumes, engaging passersby in social media buy-in to win contests. Now a bald cap and a gaga dress beckon me.

  1. Any fan can join the Street Team. You don't have to do anything, OK? You can just say you're in it. It's Greendale!
  2. If you want to throw some silly ideas, we need idea people. If you want to RT, we need retweeters. If you want to do more, then do more.
  3. I guess I need to make some funny flyers for us, then. 
  4. Vandal that I am, I bought some Easter-egg chalk at the dollar store tonight. (There were 2 other ladies in the dollar store, buying neon silly string to vandalize a friend's car. Rapscallions!) I'm planning on tagging various buildings with chalk graffiti, taking pictures, and posting it on the Interactive Street Team map.
  5. And here's the map, which is also on the Pinterest board: 
  6. I saw some cool street team and street marketing ideas on the Internet earlier today. 
  7. @MsDaisySteiner on chalk graffiti tag and name of Street Team:  "My suggestions Graffiti- "NBC's Community is streets ahead". Team name - Streets Ahead team." Also,  "Greendale is where YOU belong" or "Greendale wants YOU" and maybe a hashtag so people can find more info."
  8. I liked #MyHeartBelongsToGreendale, but Daisy's idea is better.
  9. @SmoochyDaisy52 wants a puppy parade. YES. Maybe team up with local ASPCA/animal shelters?
  10. @Balen13 conjured the actual Greendale amusement park. WIth a big paintball course. I see a permanent blanket fort in the adjoining hotel. Plus a campus, classes, lectures, assignments.
  11. @SmoochyDaisy52 said we should have stickers. @TeamAsunder made some great round icons for Abed4President, so I'm going to find some sticky paper and print some out.
  12. I think we should all write thank you notes to Uncle Bob Greenblatt, CEO of NBC, for putting the show back on the air. Thank you, Uncle Bob!
  13. It would be funny to call all our local TV and radio stations and talk to them about NBC Community
  14. I like the idea of sending a ton of emails/tweets to parallel fandoms. 
  15. Going back to the straight rock band idea, we could rally around the merch and @nbcstore for something, too.
  16. Well hey, I'm treating the show like a struggling rock band. Why not?
  17. Let me know if you have any other ideas. The sillier, the better!
Streets Ahead Street Team "Jeff"


  1. I had an idea but I have no idea how to go about doing it. I currently go to school in Appleton, WI, but my family lives just outside of Milwaukee. I looked up Dan Harmon to learn that he is actually from Milwaukee and worked with ComedySportz there, which is still actually quite a strong group in Milwaukee. I was thinking that, if we have any great ideas and need help, they might be a place to look to to hold an event (since they have their own space) or to help out. My thought is that they would want to help a past member. Not sure where I am really going with this but I thought that it would be good just to get it out there.

    Also, I will totally be part of the street team! I would probably be Abed because I talk mostly in TV and movie references.

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